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Admission Procedure:

Admissions will be considered, subject to availability in the respective grade. Admission tests will be held, for Grades – 6 to 11. Date - as per parents' request. The test will commence at 9.00 am, at the school premises. Subjects: English, Math & Science for Grade 6 to 8; English & Math will be mandatorily conducted for Grade 9 & 11. Science is tested based on the choice of subject combination. (knowledge and skills proportional to age and grade are tested).

Results will be announced no later than a week from testing dates.

Students for Primary years may be interviewed by the grade teacher to gauge their ability for a particular grade.

Tests are set on an age appropriate curricula.

Parents/guardians are advised to arrive for the test on the scheduled date and time.

Our Values


Integrity:Being consistently honest and trustworthy. Concern for the well being of yourself and others,demonstrating empathy and acting with compassion. Encouraging integrity as a form of personal excellence.

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Educational values

Opportunities to Acquire KnowledgeIn a safe and supportive atmosphere where knowledge and skills will be acquired in an exciting and innovative manner, through which authentic learning programmes....

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With the changing world order to set rolling by the shrinking globe, education is becoming more and more complex and exciting, added to this is high level of expectation to train and create....

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