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Asia Pacific World School campus is located in Bangalore's IT corridor. The environment is designed for learning and personality development. It has all the facilities to cater to an internationally designed curriculum.

The buildings and infrastructure provide students with the latest and most modern facilities to help them grow up into responsible citizen of the country.

Interactive areas with audio visual rooms and seminar halls are designed to hold meetings / conferences / seminars for both staff and students. Fully equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, Electronics, Mathematics, Music & Art bring the experience of learning to life.

Highlights of the Campus:

Day Care Center

At Asia Pacific World School Daycare center we provide a supportive environment where each child is looked after with utmost care. We offer leisure, educational and recreational activities like sports, art and craft, dance, music, homework, etc. to the child. We offer a stimulating curriculum, qualified caring staff, cleanliness and safety of the ward with homely environment. The Daycare Center will be under CCTV surveillance. The timings and activities provided at the APWS DAYCARE CENTER will be as follows

  1. Timings : 8.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m.
  2. Activities: sports, art and craft, dance, music, homework

Class Rooms

Spaciously designed and equipped with play areas for pre-schoolers. They are also equipped with projection systems, smart boards, CCTVs, computer facilities and lockers.

Campus View:

The building is being designed as a futuristic structure and has the latest infrastructure on campus with provision for computer networking and campus automation. Security is a priority at Asia Pacific World School and the entire campus is secured with systems like a network of phones, CCTVs, trained security personnel, access controls rooms, fire alarms, RFID readers, etc. UPS is provided for uninterrupted power supply. All materials used in the project are environment friendly.

ICT Infrastructure:

The school seamlessly integrates offline and online learning, and provides access to information through a well-stocked learning resource center (library), and digital hook-ups with Internet and online libraries. In addition to computer labs, computers are available in all classrooms, the library, and staff rooms for teachers. All students from Grade 6 onwards will be provided customised tablets in order to facilitate teaching & research.


Sports helps build a student's character, self-confidence, team spirit and physical fitness. At Asia Pacific World School, sporting facilities have been planned with exacting attention to detail. The campus provides exclusive integrated sports facilities like Indoor and Outdoor sports. The indoor sports area includes Snooker tables, Table Tennis, Billiards, etc. The outdoor sports area includes Tennis, Basketball court, and others. The Indoor Sports area houses, table-tennis, billiards, snooker, etc,.


We have put a lot of thought to make our labs safe, our state of the art Chemistry, Biology, and Physics labs are well equipped, and updated.

Art Studio:

There is a dedicated art studio where students learn different forms of art. They are encouraged to create, learn various techniques and engage in different art forms.

Music Room:

APWS has a dedicated music room with a variety of musical instruments to choose from.

Robotic Lab:

APWS has put a lot of thought to create a robotic lab which will enable students in developing creativity, logic, critical thinking and analysis. It is pure fun and activity based learning for students as it involves programming on computers, mathematical calculations and analysis in physics.


Asia Pacific World School lays emphasis on children's safety and security. Our school buses ferries students to and fro from their homes with utmost care and concern. Drivers and support staff of the buses are well-trained and cautious. Every bus is fitted with the latest GPS tracking device which will keep track of location of the buses. Our school authorities will keep track of bus timings and we also ensure that no rash driving is done under any circumstances because the safety of students comes first.


The campus provides parking facilities for 2 & 4 wheelers within the premises.

Our Values


Integrity:Being consistently honest and trustworthy. Concern for the well being of yourself and others,demonstrating empathy and acting with compassion. Encouraging integrity as a form of personal excellence.

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