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I am extremely delighted to welcome and introduce our new Principal Mrs. Latha Murthy, an educationist with experience of over 32 years, to our APWS family. As on 12th May 2016 she has been appointed to replace Mr. Stanley Anthony who had to leave us due to unavoidable circumstances.

Ms. Latha Murthy - B.A, M.A, B.Ed, PGDPPE, PPTTC has spent most of her career life in Bangalore. A passionate and caring educator as an administrator she has been firmly result oriented with a steady vision. She does believe, "Teacher is a creator of LIFE".

With her expertise she has been associated with various educational groups, as Director, Principal, Administrator, Trainer and a Teacher. She is also a Rashtrapathi Awardee for being a service oriented person as a Guide Captain, and serving The Bharath Scouts and Guides Movement, Karnataka, as Joint Secretary for 14 years.

In the role as a Principal, she has expertise in curriculum design, technology in education, assessment & evaluation, professional development for teachers, pedagogies based on the theory of Multiple Intelligences & learning styles, physical education in curriculum and school programs on life skills, mental health, special education, student exchange programs (UK, US, France, Singapore, South Africa) and various curricular activities.

Her rich exposure to the IB, IGCSE, CIE and CBSE curricula has empowered her with a diverse and innovative approach as an academic leader. She is a strong believer of "teaching the child not the subject", which involves experiential learning strategies that foster critical thinking.

She has held positions as Director-Principal, with VishVin Educational Institute Pvt. Ltd., in Bangalore, and worked with various Indian and International organisations. Latha Murthy is a keen learner and upgrades her knowledge on latest practices in education.

Associated with Krupanidhi Educational Trust she will definitely shape the vision of academic success for students, cultivate leadership in others, create a beautiful environment hospitable to education. "Let us join together to build a better Education World"

  • Vision

    "Let there be Scope for Academic Excellence” The APWS aims to be an institution of excellence, dedicated to producing Entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

  • Mission

    "To provide the best education possible for each and every student the holistic way.".

Our Values


Integrity:Being consistently honest and trustworthy. Concern for the well being of yourself and others,demonstrating empathy and acting with compassion. Encouraging integrity as a form of personal excellence.

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