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Choral Day

Hosted by our youngest, the pre-primary students of APWS, the Choral Recitation was organized on the 8th of December. The astounding musical talents of children across different grades were displayed at the recital. We take immense interest in providing opportunities of this nature, to encourage and hone the diverse talents that all children possess.  Such events are a good way for children to interact with each other outside of class, acknowledge the different areas of skill in each one, and promote the development of social skills. APWS was founded with the vision to instill true education in children, which means addressing their growth in areas of academics, physical and mental health, and social development. Extracurricular activities are a powerful way to cater to personality growth of students, turning them into confident, charismatic, and interesting adults.

Sports day

1st December, 2018 was a big day at APWS; we hosted our Annual Sports Day for the year 2018-19. This day was filled with energy and enthusiasm around the many sports activities that were conducted. Highlights of this day included March Past by the school band, Track Races, Obstacle Races, with the Prize Distribution Ceremony being the grand finish. Sports and physical fitness is regarded with immense importance at our school. We believe it is the key to a healthy body and ultimately promotes the growth of creative intellect in our students. Apart from boosting physical health, the self-esteem and alertness levels in our students improve through participation in sport. Playing sports leads to balanced mental and physical growth of students. It teaches them vital life skills such as teamwork, leadership, and patience. Discipline and team spirit are also build through sports. To grow into successful, balanced adults it is important that children go through the experiences and imbibe the values only sports has the ability to teach.