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How do the Best International Schools in Bangalore Encourage Reading in Children

Educators want nothing more than for students to make reading a regular habit. Reading helps students improve their skills of communication, enhance their vocabulary, and even reduce stress.  However, getting students to read might be tougher than it used to be in this age of digitisation.

Here are some strategies that have been tried and tested by the best international schools in Bangalore that can get even the most reluctant students to read more:

  1. Assign regular reading time in class

Devote the first ten to fifteen minutes for students to read each day. While this might seem like a short time, over a week, it adds up to about an hour, which is a big jump for students who don’t read at all.

  1. Set reading expectations during unplanned free time

Students work at different speeds, and some may finish their classwork and assignments earlier than expected. Ensure to clearly communicate that this time is to be spent reading, so they utilise the entire duration of the study period. You can let them choose their reading material or prepare a list they can choose from.

  1. Invite students to socialize around reading

Students often enjoy activities if it involves some element of socialising. You can set up book clubs, reading groups, and literature circles where students can interact with each other around texts.  This will also aid in enhancing their comprehension and make reading a much more enjoyable activity.

  1. Teach students reading strategies

For students who haven’t been encouraged to read at home, it might be hard to get started with reading. They often avoid doing something because they struggle with it. You can help such students cultivate a reading habit by introducing them to some basic reading strategies so they can gradually develop confident and begin reading fluently.

  1. Introduce students to a book series

Once students get started with reading daily for ten to fifteen minutes, introduce them to an adventure or fiction series. This will help them understand and explore different genres and fall in love with reading. Once they are hooked to one set, they will want to keep exploring other series and read more.  

  1. Let students choose their own books

Studies show that giving students the choice to pick the books they want to read boosts their reading ability. A school that has a rich library with an abundance of different genres and themes has higher chances of students developing reading habits early on. APWS, one of the top ICSE schools in Bangalore is a prime example of one such school.

We hope these tips help you get your class started on the beautiful and lifelong habit of reading.

Students of Grade 1 to Grade 9 had an Adventurous Trip

Students of Grade 1 to Grade 9 had an adventurous trip on 5th April ’19  On this trip, students had an opportunity to experience the rural life and natural surroundings that have become a rare sight  in the concrete jungles we call cities.  The students had explored Farm-To-Fork activities such as – sowing, harvesting,farming, pottery and tractor ride. Apart from this, students were also engaged in other activities such as, High Rope Course (one obstacle), Archery & Shooting etc