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A Brief Review of the IGCSE Education Board

Choosing the right education board for your child is a difficult choice, especially if there are so many options in front of you like CBSE, ICSE, SSC, IGCSE among others. While you must have an idea about most of them, IGCSE is one, still, not many people are aware of, as it is the newest of them all in our country.

And if you’re here then it means you are considering this board for your child or are interested in knowing about it. There are some of the best IGCSE schools in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, and Pune but before zeroing in on one board, be well aware of what IGCSE board has to offer too.

IGCSE or International General Certificate of Secondary Education offers a promising curriculum. This board is affiliated with the University of Cambridge and is recognized all over the world. The education system in India is witnessing a paradigm shift and its major driving force is the IGCSE board which has put the spotlight on the overall development of the personalities of students than just aiming to improve their academics. From the young age itself, this program directs students to develop analytical skills, creative skills and promotes their inquisitive bent of mind.

From letting the students choose the subjects of interest to facilitating advancement in core subjects like English, Maths, and Science, IGCSE keeps up with the changing requirements in the education sector. Along with this, rather than asking the usual theoretical questions in exams, the students taking exams under this board are required to application-based questions. 

Many students who have done their schooling from the IGCSE board call this approach a much forward one, for it not only makes studying interesting but also brings them to realize the actual application of what is being taught to them in classrooms. Not just this, studying in International schools also give students an edge over others when it comes to getting admissions in colleges or universities abroad. 

Of course, there are several advantages of every other board as well but as times are moving quite forward, it is always best to give your children the updated education. And IGCSE is the future, for sure.

If you are looking for top IGCSE schools in Bangalore then you can go for The International School, Asia Pacific World School, Canadian International School. In Mumbai, N.E.S. International School, Dr Pillai Global Academy, RIMS International School and Junior College are some of the best and in Delhi, you can try for The British School, Manav Rachna International School among others.

Asia Pacific World School Musical Night 2019 – “BABAYAGA”

Asia Pacific World School Musical Night 2019 – “BABAYAGA” took place on the 21 st of December and was based on a Russian folktale. Our school is marching towards an extra mile with a vision in the momentous task of moulding minds. This temple of real
knowledge is a name with a mission to nurture students to make compassionate and discerning individuals through a holistic quality education. Asia Pacific World School has always endeavored to impart values to students, which is a very important and
indispensable parameter in their development.

Fairy tales are not only timeless; they can provide both consult and entertainment for every generation. Fairy tales teach children how to deal with basic human conflicts, desires, and relationships in a healthy way; acquiring these skills can ultimately impact a
child’s health, quality of life, or even influence its values and beliefs in the future. Keeping this in mind the musical Production of 2019 – 20 “Babayaga” a Russian folktale, shows how a good heart can change the world and over power evil. It also reflects on the
importance of friends and family and how everyone deserves a second chance. This production was incorporated with breath taking and stunning dance performances, our melodious choir which brought the evening to life our talented students who took the
audience into a magical world.

Advantages of CBSE Board Over State Board

The debate between which board is better for secondary education, the State Board or the Central Board, is everlasting. But CBSE board has an edge over the others, especially here in India due to various reasons. There are several top CBSE schools in Bangalore and other states which follow this board. Its curriculum or course syllabus is set by the National Council of Educational Research and Training, commonly known as NCERT. Here are a few advantages of CBSE:

CBSE is Homogenous, State is Not

Each state in the country has a separate education state board which is overlooked by the authorities of the respective state’s education department. Everything, from curriculum to the structure and paper pattern differs from state to state. Whereas, CBSE or Central Board of Secondary Education, as the name suggests is India’s national education board. The curriculum, teaching pattern, and material remains the same throughout the country. This makes transfers and changing schools for students in different states much easier, for the course remains the same irrespective of the state.

CBSE is more student-friendly

The education material in CBSE is designed in such a way that it helps students develop analytical abilities and reasoning skills. New ways like more questions with internal choices, higher focus on objective questions, etc. are being introduced and policies are being revised regularly to not endorse rote learning. CBSE does not put extra pressure on students but stresses on imparting quality education.

CBSE Aids IIT-JEE or AIIMS Preparations

Many students, after completing their school education, aspire to become Engineers or doctors and start their preparations for competitive exams of centralized education institutes like IIT-JEE or AIIMS. The students passed out from CBSE schools fair better in exams like these because these exams are also steered by CBSE. Hence, studying in a CBSE school serves as an added advantage.

CBSE Allows Flexibility

In India, CBSE is considered more flexible than other boards because it promotes customization when it comes to picking a few additional subjects from Grade VIII to XII, then be it in language or any other subject. For e.g., if a student wants to pursue Arts or Humanities along with Maths as an additional subject, he or she can as CBSE allows that sort of pick and choose combination option. The limits of customization may vary from school to school.

Though preferences, criteria for judgment of schools and boards might be different for different people, if one decides to go for CBSE, he or she must pursue education from the best CBSE schools in Bangalore or any other state in the country.