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Everything You Must Know About CBSE Board In 2021!

What is CBSE?

CBSE stands for The Central Board of Secondary Education. It started in the year 1962 and now it has over seventeen thousand schools affiliated with it in India and abroad. 

What’s new?

They announced on the 2nd of December that the 2021 board exam will be held offline and not online. The statement issued read as “The exams as and when they are conducted will be in the written mode and not in an online mode. The exams will be conducted following all Covid-19 protocols.”

The decision as to when the exams will be held is yet to be taken while other state boards have already postponed it. Amidst this pandemic situation and all the confusion, the CBSE board is ensuring zero jeopardies in the student’s career. 

While the board is still deciding on new ways of approaching the system, let us talk about how the Central Board of Secondary Education is often the first choice of the parents! 

CBSE Board 2021 And Its Unbeatable Facts! 

CBSE board has been the choice of millions of parents as it is a well recognised and trustworthy education system. It started in the year 1962 and now it has over seventeen thousand schools affiliated with it in India and abroad. 

What makes it so reliable and unique? 

Why is a parent CBSE board the first preference? 

Let us find out! 

Higher Success Rate! 

To start with, CBSE has the most competitive curriculum and course structure. It has incorporated international standards to help the students apply abroad as well. The board aims to build a curriculum that caters to all kinds of students. The syllabus is more practical and application-based as well. 

The curriculum is often kept informative and relevant to the changing times. This not only helps the child to learn an updated version of the topics but also enables them to discover their true potential. The board constantly evaluates and makes changes to ensure that the syllabus is up to date. 

CBSE board aims to keep the whole learning process fun and healthy. They often include fun learning activities to achieve a better and fruitful teaching-learning experience. 

Today according to many surveys it has been proven that the results in the CBSE board have a higher rate of success. This survey is backed up by the National Achievement Survey Of Class 10. The survey showed that CBSE students perform better in mathematics and social sciences and are often part of the IT crowd eventually. 

The board allows affiliated and non-affiliated school students to participate in the exams, maintaining uniformity across a vast range of students. The broader curriculum of the CBSE school allows students to get knowledge about various competitive exams as well. 

The International Approach. 

Breaking geographical barriers, the CBSE board aims to educate the students in a way that helps them learn beyond boundaries. Knowledge should never be restricted by boundaries. The CBSE board updates their curriculum and have even come up with CBSE – I that specially focuses on the international dimension. The syllabus here was more skill-based which helped the board in catering to different styles of learning. 

The CBSE board is innovative and always redefining its approach for the betterment of the students. They included communication, analytics and social skills as electives, ensuring the child learns things that usually are not offered in school education. 

It is recognised by countries like Singapore, UAE and Russia. It is easier for the students to apply for foreign universities as they recognise the CBSE board much easier. Its truly international ways of reforming the curriculum to include the international aspects are what makes it the most preferable. 

Language friendly for many! 

It cannot be denied that the biggest advantage of the CBSE board is that it has both Hindi and English medium schools. The language of instructions is such that it caters to most of the students from India. 

India is a diverse country and languages are just a medium to gain knowledge. Language barriers should be a concern for a talent to showcase its true potential and make a mark in this world. 

Some Of The Important Advantages Of Making Your Child Enrol In A Cbse School Are:

  1. The interactive curriculum helps in giving a child an overall development, the beyond classroom experience is fundamental in today’s time. 
  2. Instead of story building, the students are asked to write answers that are to the point, this enables in better understanding of the child’s progress.
  3. Students are able to shape their career paths with all the additional knowledge included in the curriculum. 
  4. CBSE board encourages students to participate in various extracurricular activities, ensuring proper mental and physical development. 
  5. The option of choosing what the student likes from many subjects helps them understand their ability and calibre. 


Disadvantages of CBSE Board:

  1. They do not focus on the English language as the other boards do. English is a globally accepted language and it helps students to communicate with other parts of the world if required. 
  2. Practical learning is often neglected and more focus is on the theoretical aspects. This could be a hindrance for the students while learning life skills. 

The CBSE Syllabus!

The CBSE syllabus is based on the National Curriculum Framework 2005. This provides students with opportunities to achieve excellence in gaining knowledge. The subjects and topics covered are according to the age group of the students. 

They also promote learning life skills and livelihood skills that enable students to achieve more than just bookish knowledge. 


5 Tips That Can Help You Score Better In Your CBSE Exams Are: 

  1. Practice papers from the previous years. 
  2. Note down common errors and work on them. 
  3. Filter important topics with the help of your teachers. 
  4. Keep a check on your timing while solving practice papers. 
  5. Use smart learning techniques to memorise and understand. 


The Right Board Or School –  What Should You Do As A Parent? 

As a parent, you may face a challenging time in deciding the best for your child. It is our advice to choose the right platform for your child i.e. the right school. Whatever board it is, choosing the right school is the game-changing step. 

Many schools might have CBSE boards but they might lack resources or facilities that enable the best education. The child’s school experience will shape their future and build clarity in what they really want to pursue. 

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