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Tips to Encourage Children to Do Their Homework

Is your child constantly swamped with work, homework, and assignments? If you are a parent whose child often ran away from doing homework and came to you with a puppy face, this article will be helpful. Here we have covered some tips to determine how to engage your complete completing their upcoming tasks before the deadline. You have to deal with when your child isn’t highly motivated in their studies.

As parents, you are not alone in your suffering and experience. How do you cope with your child’s rage without criticizing them for not doing their homework? We must first examine the attitudes toward homework that children of various temperaments and personalities hold, as well as the reasons why they do not find it worthwhile to do. All these tactics will help engage your child to do homework.

Importance of Doing Homework on Time?

Homework is a means to remind yourself of what your child has learned in class. Homework helps young children acquire essential abilities that will benefit them throughout their school and career lives. Suppose homework is completed with complete focus and concentration.

In that case, it will aid in improving your child’s grades, discipline, time management, concentration capacity, and enhanced communication skills. These well-honed habits will guide your youngster down a successful path and open doors to new opportunities. Regular homework is an essential aspect of a child’s future success. The child must enjoy learning to appreciate doing homework.

Encourage your child’s promising future by promoting frequent homework, and helping them with their homework and assignments can be your first move toward their future. You can also use some pointers to assist your child with homework.

Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Tips to Get Your Kids to Do Their Homework

Are you stressed out by your child’s conflicts and arguments when you urge them to finish their homework? However, such quarrels and clashes also upset your child and contribute to their lack of confidence. And your child’s lack of motivation contributes to their poor grades. It’s critical to take an active role in ensuring the child not only completes but also enjoys doing homework, as this could cause poor performance and lag. They may be only completing their homework but not fulfilling the goal of doing homework.

Provide Your Child With Positive Encouragement

Providing your youngster with positive reinforcement is essential. Encourage your child at all times. Even if they make a mistake, by telling them, they can repair it if they strive hard enough. Reward them in some way after they finish their work. Small rewards, such as trips to the store, chocolates, or more play time, have been shown to help boost your child’s motivation.

Motivation is important

Encourage them to finish their work quietly and lovingly, as being harsh with them would demotivate them further. So be compassionate with them and try to overlook their negative attitude toward you at the time. By hugging them and saying a few complimenting words, tell them that you always praise their hard effort.

Believe in Your Child

Believe in your child by showing them that you believe in them. Never make them feel unworthy, as if they are incapable of doing anything or as if they are a frail child who has never worked. This will demotivate them and cause them tension. Make them believe that you only want to help them with their assignments and that you believe in them and that they will succeed one day. Tell them that you feel they can do anything and deal with any consequences. Tell them you’re always there for them.

Make a schedule for completing homework

Maintaining a routine might also be beneficial. Make a schedule for your youngster. Make time for him to do his assignments. Make an effort to have your youngster sit for homework simultaneously every day. Reduce their screen time if their grades are decreasing, or they are failing so they can focus on their work. Make them aware that they will not be able to participate in weekend activities unless they finish their schoolwork.

Make homework a technology-free time

Make it a rule that your child does not use an electrical device while completing homework, no chatting, and no usage of a computer for calculations, research, or typing an assignment.

Ensure all necessary materials are available

While doing homework, ensure they have all of the appropriate stationery, because going through and picking up things one by one or between jobs creates a commotion. Design a pouch or a container to store all of their stationary objects in place, and ensure that they carry that container with them when doing schoolwork.

Allow your children to take a break if needed

Allow your child to take short rests. Don’t put pressure on them to finish their homework in one sitting. They will become frustrated if you compel them to listen to you. Allow your child 10-15 minutes of rest in between activities. Tell them to take a break before returning to work.

Intervene Without Taking Control

Your child will be given homework to test themselves to see if they understood the lesson taught in class today. You enter the picture when they cease putting forth effort in their academics, and their grades begin to decline. That you smoothly regain control and teach your child that it is your responsibility to assist them in completing their homework and assignments on time.

Begin sitting with them as they complete their assignments. They’re monitoring. Once they’ve finished, go through their work with them. Once they’ve regained their composure and are back on track, give them your support and only allow them to do their assignment once they’ve reviewed it.

Establishing Expectations, Rewards, and Consequences

In front of your child, you must explicitly outline expectations, rewards, and consequences. Your children must understand what you anticipate from them in terms of schoolwork. Settle down with them and explain how much they should score, what will benefit them and their future, what their obligations should be, and how they may meet your expectations.

Maintain a pleasant tone and establish boundaries with your youngster. Tell them about the repercussions they will face if they do not concentrate on their studies or do not perform well in school. Allow them to face the consequences on their own, and then teach them that this was their error and that they made a mistake.


Getting your children to do their homework with full concentration and regularly is an excellent habit to instill in them. It will also help them develop strong learning habits in the future. As we all know, obtaining excellent marks and completing homework is not why you send your kid to school.

Your child’s first learning environment was school, where they learned how to sit with strangers, interact with them, and interact with family members. Every child’s life is intertwined with the school. Your child’s fundamental general knowledge is established at school. Your youngster will learn most of their life’s lessons in school. So your child’s attendance at a decent school is crucial. APWS (Asia Pacific World School) in Bangalore provides all of the facilities, as well as good infrastructure and management, to our students for a meager cost.

APWS is ranked among Bangalore’s finest international schools. Our administration focuses not only on providing excellent lectures, knowledge, and academic classes but also on extracurricular activities and the latent talents of each student. We also provide opportunities for all our students to perform and showcase their hidden talents. Our pupils are not only equipped with good infrastructure but also with a safe campus. We will ensure that you are never disappointed.

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How to Choose the Right CBSE School in Bangalore?

Choosing a CBSE school may sound easy, but the right choice is not easy at all. For parents, choosing the best CBSE school for their child is very important and challenging. Since it is a decision that will affect their child’s future, they have to consider several factors like location and faculty before deciding which would be the best CBSE school for their child.

The CBSE Board has been a popular choice because of its systemic method of curriculum and education. The CBSE-affiliated schools are all the same because they are all commanded to follow the guidelines and the curriculum stated by the Central Board of Education. Also, the CBSE follows the syllabus that has the basics of every national exam like JEE, NEET, CUCET, JEE Advance, etc.

A good education can make a difference in their future social and professional life, so parents must choose the right School for their children. That’s why here we will try to make things easier for you by highlighting tips on choosing the right CBSE school in Bangalore.

What is  CBSE Education Board?

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is an Indian national-level board. Several Indian government and private schools are run under this banner. All schools affiliated with the CBSE follow the same curriculum, i.e., the NCERT curriculum, especially for secondary classes 9 to 12. The CBSE curriculum aids students’ overall development because it is designed so that students learn about moral knowledge while their brains develop and they become familiar with general concepts.

CBSE aims to introduce its students to each subject so they can choose a stream based on their knowledge and interests in 11 and 12 grades. The CBSE board students can easily prepare for exams like NDA, NEET, JEE, JEE Advance, AFCAT, etc. CBSE’s syllabus is designed so that students cover half of the syllabus of these national exams with basics only in 11 and 12 standards.

Tips to Choose the Best CBSE School in Bangalore

Being a parent is not easy. Making big decisions that affect your kids’ future might be hectic sometimes. When choosing a school for your kids, it’s also a big task because it’s human nature to get confused over everything. A CBSE school can be proven a good choice in such cases. Every School with a CBSE board is similar, but you can differentiate between them in such kinds of situations also. As CBSE has the same curriculum for every CBSE affiliated School, it’s upon the School to convey the curriculum in the best possible way to their students.

So, here are some ways you can judge the School and choose the best CBSE school in Bangalore for your child.

Good Academic Reputation

Check whether the School you are choosing for your child has an excellent academic reputation or not. The good academic reputation of the School encourages the child to perform well in academics. Many reputable good CBSE schools work hard to get their students accepted into good coaching. Based on the child’s interest and performance, which can help the child in cracking national-level competitive exams.

Early Year Programs offers by the School

Early-year programs play a vital role in enriching child’s reading, learning, and many other skills. It helps children to make their foundation strong for their future. CBSE schools run many early-year programs to enrich their students’ writing and learning skills. It’s their curriculum part only.

Multidisciplinary Learning Approach

Many schools in Bangalore have adopted several new learning methods and environments according to the changing generation. The schools have analyzed their students’ choices and interests and made changes accordingly. Multidisciplinary learning is a part of the CBSE curriculum too. It is also necessary for students as it builds up critical thinking, key skills, teamwork choices, analytical skills, and many more things that make them feel self-worthy. So you must check whether the school approaches multidisciplinary learning or not.

Believe in theory and practical knowledge

Practical knowledge is also as important as theoretical knowledge because jobs are served on skills in today’s era. Having practical knowledge opens various doors for a person to multiple opportunities. Having practical knowledge is essential for one to survive in life. Check to see if the school you are considering can provide your child with practical knowledge.

Handles Important Transitions from One Level to Another

Every standard has its importance. From Class 8 onwards, CBSE schools start providing subject knowledge at a core level to their students. They start preparing their students on a serious note to face all the changes and choices they must make after 10 standards. They ensure that their students don’t make any mistakes because of a lack of knowledge. So you must check on the transition level of a particular school.

Focus on Emotional and Social Development?

The best curriculum doesn’t prove to be meaningful if your child is lacking in emotional intelligence and social development. Do you think it’s essential for you to choose a school with a good environment as it plays a vital role in your child’s social development and understanding? On the other hand, it’s really important that the school you choose also works on their students’ emotional values, making them understand their future responsibilities and helping them be empathetic citizens of their country.

Do They Support Inclusivity?

Every child is different in every way. Some children have the same learning and catching curves as others. Some are fast learners, some are mid-learners, and some need many different ways to learn and catch things. So check with the school whether the school has different faculty for different kinds of students. Does the school treat every student according to the nature and understanding power of a student?

Offers an overall development

School is where a child gets most of his life’s learning. So it’s important to choose a school that offers overall development for your child. The school must be of that type that it can connect with your child and understand them at a personal level because your child’s development needs to know their unique talent. After all, every child is talented in some way.

These are some essential points on which you can judge whether the CBSE school you are choosing is suitable for your child or not. So it would help if you chose a CBSE school that is good in the terms mentioned above because a good school plays a vital role in your child’s overall development.

There are various CBSE schools in Bangalore which provide suitable academic classes with multiple learning opportunities. APWS (Asia Pacific World School) of Bangalore is also one of them, but APWS is the best to choose in many ways. It stands in the list of the top international schools in Bangalore with a CBSE curriculum. It believes in integrity, integration, innovation, and excellence.

APWS management and curriculum focus on students’ academic classes and several different activities and learning. It also gives its students a chance to showcase their talent on national and international levels. Our management takes care of students’ mental growth while taking care of their physical and behavioral growth. APWS management not only provides a vast safe campus to its students. Also, APWS provides multidisciplinary learning with the best infrastructure at low expenses and fees.

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