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Tips to Encourage Children to Do Their Homework

Is your child constantly swamped with work, homework, and assignments? If you are a parent whose child often ran away from doing homework and came to you with a puppy face, this article will be helpful. Here we have covered some tips to determine how to engage your complete completing their upcoming tasks before the deadline. You have to deal with when your child isn’t highly motivated in their studies.

As parents, you are not alone in your suffering and experience. How do you cope with your child’s rage without criticizing them for not doing their homework? We must first examine the attitudes toward homework that children of various temperaments and personalities hold, as well as the reasons why they do not find it worthwhile to do. All these tactics will help engage your child to do homework.

Importance of Doing Homework on Time?

Homework is a means to remind yourself of what your child has learned in class. Homework helps young children acquire essential abilities that will benefit them throughout their school and career lives. Suppose homework is completed with complete focus and concentration.

In that case, it will aid in improving your child’s grades, discipline, time management, concentration capacity, and enhanced communication skills. These well-honed habits will guide your youngster down a successful path and open doors to new opportunities. Regular homework is an essential aspect of a child’s future success. The child must enjoy learning to appreciate doing homework.

Encourage your child’s promising future by promoting frequent homework, and helping them with their homework and assignments can be your first move toward their future. You can also use some pointers to assist your child with homework.

Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Tips to Get Your Kids to Do Their Homework

Are you stressed out by your child’s conflicts and arguments when you urge them to finish their homework? However, such quarrels and clashes also upset your child and contribute to their lack of confidence. And your child’s lack of motivation contributes to their poor grades. It’s critical to take an active role in ensuring the child not only completes but also enjoys doing homework, as this could cause poor performance and lag. They may be only completing their homework but not fulfilling the goal of doing homework.

Provide Your Child With Positive Encouragement

Providing your youngster with positive reinforcement is essential. Encourage your child at all times. Even if they make a mistake, by telling them, they can repair it if they strive hard enough. Reward them in some way after they finish their work. Small rewards, such as trips to the store, chocolates, or more play time, have been shown to help boost your child’s motivation.

Motivation is important

Encourage them to finish their work quietly and lovingly, as being harsh with them would demotivate them further. So be compassionate with them and try to overlook their negative attitude toward you at the time. By hugging them and saying a few complimenting words, tell them that you always praise their hard effort.

Believe in Your Child

Believe in your child by showing them that you believe in them. Never make them feel unworthy, as if they are incapable of doing anything or as if they are a frail child who has never worked. This will demotivate them and cause them tension. Make them believe that you only want to help them with their assignments and that you believe in them and that they will succeed one day. Tell them that you feel they can do anything and deal with any consequences. Tell them you’re always there for them.

Make a schedule for completing homework

Maintaining a routine might also be beneficial. Make a schedule for your youngster. Make time for him to do his assignments. Make an effort to have your youngster sit for homework simultaneously every day. Reduce their screen time if their grades are decreasing, or they are failing so they can focus on their work. Make them aware that they will not be able to participate in weekend activities unless they finish their schoolwork.

Make homework a technology-free time

Make it a rule that your child does not use an electrical device while completing homework, no chatting, and no usage of a computer for calculations, research, or typing an assignment.

Ensure all necessary materials are available

While doing homework, ensure they have all of the appropriate stationery, because going through and picking up things one by one or between jobs creates a commotion. Design a pouch or a container to store all of their stationary objects in place, and ensure that they carry that container with them when doing schoolwork.

Allow your children to take a break if needed

Allow your child to take short rests. Don’t put pressure on them to finish their homework in one sitting. They will become frustrated if you compel them to listen to you. Allow your child 10-15 minutes of rest in between activities. Tell them to take a break before returning to work.

Intervene Without Taking Control

Your child will be given homework to test themselves to see if they understood the lesson taught in class today. You enter the picture when they cease putting forth effort in their academics, and their grades begin to decline. That you smoothly regain control and teach your child that it is your responsibility to assist them in completing their homework and assignments on time.

Begin sitting with them as they complete their assignments. They’re monitoring. Once they’ve finished, go through their work with them. Once they’ve regained their composure and are back on track, give them your support and only allow them to do their assignment once they’ve reviewed it.

Establishing Expectations, Rewards, and Consequences

In front of your child, you must explicitly outline expectations, rewards, and consequences. Your children must understand what you anticipate from them in terms of schoolwork. Settle down with them and explain how much they should score, what will benefit them and their future, what their obligations should be, and how they may meet your expectations.

Maintain a pleasant tone and establish boundaries with your youngster. Tell them about the repercussions they will face if they do not concentrate on their studies or do not perform well in school. Allow them to face the consequences on their own, and then teach them that this was their error and that they made a mistake.


Getting your children to do their homework with full concentration and regularly is an excellent habit to instill in them. It will also help them develop strong learning habits in the future. As we all know, obtaining excellent marks and completing homework is not why you send your kid to school.

Your child’s first learning environment was school, where they learned how to sit with strangers, interact with them, and interact with family members. Every child’s life is intertwined with the school. Your child’s fundamental general knowledge is established at school. Your youngster will learn most of their life’s lessons in school. So your child’s attendance at a decent school is crucial. APWS (Asia Pacific World School) in Bangalore provides all of the facilities, as well as good infrastructure and management, to our students for a meager cost.

APWS is ranked among Bangalore’s finest international schools. Our administration focuses not only on providing excellent lectures, knowledge, and academic classes but also on extracurricular activities and the latent talents of each student. We also provide opportunities for all our students to perform and showcase their hidden talents. Our pupils are not only equipped with good infrastructure but also with a safe campus. We will ensure that you are never disappointed.

Please visit our website https://www.apws.edu.in/ for additional information about admission procedures and school curriculum.

How to Choose the Right CBSE School in Bangalore?

Choosing a CBSE school may sound easy, but the right choice is not easy at all. For parents, choosing the best CBSE school for their child is very important and challenging. Since it is a decision that will affect their child’s future, they have to consider several factors like location and faculty before deciding which would be the best CBSE school for their child.

The CBSE Board has been a popular choice because of its systemic method of curriculum and education. The CBSE-affiliated schools are all the same because they are all commanded to follow the guidelines and the curriculum stated by the Central Board of Education. Also, the CBSE follows the syllabus that has the basics of every national exam like JEE, NEET, CUCET, JEE Advance, etc.

A good education can make a difference in their future social and professional life, so parents must choose the right School for their children. That’s why here we will try to make things easier for you by highlighting tips on choosing the right CBSE school in Bangalore.

What is  CBSE Education Board?

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is an Indian national-level board. Several Indian government and private schools are run under this banner. All schools affiliated with the CBSE follow the same curriculum, i.e., the NCERT curriculum, especially for secondary classes 9 to 12. The CBSE curriculum aids students’ overall development because it is designed so that students learn about moral knowledge while their brains develop and they become familiar with general concepts.

CBSE aims to introduce its students to each subject so they can choose a stream based on their knowledge and interests in 11 and 12 grades. The CBSE board students can easily prepare for exams like NDA, NEET, JEE, JEE Advance, AFCAT, etc. CBSE’s syllabus is designed so that students cover half of the syllabus of these national exams with basics only in 11 and 12 standards.

Tips to Choose the Best CBSE School in Bangalore

Being a parent is not easy. Making big decisions that affect your kids’ future might be hectic sometimes. When choosing a school for your kids, it’s also a big task because it’s human nature to get confused over everything. A CBSE school can be proven a good choice in such cases. Every School with a CBSE board is similar, but you can differentiate between them in such kinds of situations also. As CBSE has the same curriculum for every CBSE affiliated School, it’s upon the School to convey the curriculum in the best possible way to their students.

So, here are some ways you can judge the School and choose the best CBSE school in Bangalore for your child.

Good Academic Reputation

Check whether the School you are choosing for your child has an excellent academic reputation or not. The good academic reputation of the School encourages the child to perform well in academics. Many reputable good CBSE schools work hard to get their students accepted into good coaching. Based on the child’s interest and performance, which can help the child in cracking national-level competitive exams.

Early Year Programs offers by the School

Early-year programs play a vital role in enriching child’s reading, learning, and many other skills. It helps children to make their foundation strong for their future. CBSE schools run many early-year programs to enrich their students’ writing and learning skills. It’s their curriculum part only.

Multidisciplinary Learning Approach

Many schools in Bangalore have adopted several new learning methods and environments according to the changing generation. The schools have analyzed their students’ choices and interests and made changes accordingly. Multidisciplinary learning is a part of the CBSE curriculum too. It is also necessary for students as it builds up critical thinking, key skills, teamwork choices, analytical skills, and many more things that make them feel self-worthy. So you must check whether the school approaches multidisciplinary learning or not.

Believe in theory and practical knowledge

Practical knowledge is also as important as theoretical knowledge because jobs are served on skills in today’s era. Having practical knowledge opens various doors for a person to multiple opportunities. Having practical knowledge is essential for one to survive in life. Check to see if the school you are considering can provide your child with practical knowledge.

Handles Important Transitions from One Level to Another

Every standard has its importance. From Class 8 onwards, CBSE schools start providing subject knowledge at a core level to their students. They start preparing their students on a serious note to face all the changes and choices they must make after 10 standards. They ensure that their students don’t make any mistakes because of a lack of knowledge. So you must check on the transition level of a particular school.

Focus on Emotional and Social Development?

The best curriculum doesn’t prove to be meaningful if your child is lacking in emotional intelligence and social development. Do you think it’s essential for you to choose a school with a good environment as it plays a vital role in your child’s social development and understanding? On the other hand, it’s really important that the school you choose also works on their students’ emotional values, making them understand their future responsibilities and helping them be empathetic citizens of their country.

Do They Support Inclusivity?

Every child is different in every way. Some children have the same learning and catching curves as others. Some are fast learners, some are mid-learners, and some need many different ways to learn and catch things. So check with the school whether the school has different faculty for different kinds of students. Does the school treat every student according to the nature and understanding power of a student?

Offers an overall development

School is where a child gets most of his life’s learning. So it’s important to choose a school that offers overall development for your child. The school must be of that type that it can connect with your child and understand them at a personal level because your child’s development needs to know their unique talent. After all, every child is talented in some way.

These are some essential points on which you can judge whether the CBSE school you are choosing is suitable for your child or not. So it would help if you chose a CBSE school that is good in the terms mentioned above because a good school plays a vital role in your child’s overall development.

There are various CBSE schools in Bangalore which provide suitable academic classes with multiple learning opportunities. APWS (Asia Pacific World School) of Bangalore is also one of them, but APWS is the best to choose in many ways. It stands in the list of the top international schools in Bangalore with a CBSE curriculum. It believes in integrity, integration, innovation, and excellence.

APWS management and curriculum focus on students’ academic classes and several different activities and learning. It also gives its students a chance to showcase their talent on national and international levels. Our management takes care of students’ mental growth while taking care of their physical and behavioral growth. APWS management not only provides a vast safe campus to its students. Also, APWS provides multidisciplinary learning with the best infrastructure at low expenses and fees.

For more information on admission procedures, school curriculum, or other queries, please visit our website  https://www.apws.edu.in/.



Sports are an important aspect of everyone’s lives and serve as a basis for academic success. It not only teaches teamwork but also improves leadership abilities. Planning is an important step in determining how an individual will balance his athletic and academic pursuits. Being upbeat about your plans will only help you succeed and boost your confidence.

Maintaining an optimal balance between these two can be strenuous at a point in time. It is up to the individual to decide how to bridge the gap between the two and establish a balanced structure. It’s easy to say that finding a balance between the two is simple, but it takes a lot of thought and patience.

Finding a suitable balance between school and athletics has never been more important than it is now, with both the sporting and academic worlds becoming very competitive. A student-athlete can achieve success in both aspects of their life by following basic strategies like scheduling assignments and engaging in goal-oriented activities.

The best CBSE schools in Bangalore like Asia Pacific World School or APWS School are giving importance to sports for many reasons. Let us understand why?

The benefits of including sports in a child’s routine:

Physical wellness:

Physical fitness is promoted through high school athletics during possibly the most essential period of a young person’s life. Several studies on the physical benefits of high school athletics have been undertaken, and the results are overwhelmingly positive. Sports keep the students active and less lethargic. It also keeps them fit from the inside which is eventually the key to healthy living. 

Inculcating Life Skills:

Sports can help you develop important life skills like empathy. Students gain a deeper knowledge and appreciation for their peers as they learn how to operate as a team toward a common objective. Students’ teamwork and leadership qualities on the field frequently transfer to the classroom and beyond, resulting in a more favourable school culture overall. Sports promote discipline and social skills in a fun way. Children who involve themselves in sports are more aware, agile and happier even outside the field. Sports can also boost self-esteem which is a gradual process an individual goes through. 

Best way to avoid any kind of stress:

We cannot deny the fact that school students go through an immense amount of pressure at times. Students benefit from physical exercises because it freshens their minds and makes them happy. By lowering stress and mental distress, sports can assist kids in remaining pleasant and emotionally fit. When children are emotionally and mentally healthy, it can help them succeed in school and achieve their goals. Students might generate more money if they boost their interest in sporting activities.

Things you can do personally.

Establish your priorities: When it comes to balancing schoolwork and athletics in a student’s life, setting priorities is critical. Prioritization should be based on the amount of time allotted for studying and sports. Keep one thing in mind: you should know what takes precedence in your life at any given time. For example, instead of wasting time playing video games or doing other things before tests, you should be focused on studying.

Keep a calendar: Sticking to a schedule for day-to-day activities will ensure maximum productivity in all areas. For any busy person, especially student-athletes, scheduling your day according to the time slot is crucial. Make a schedule for your daily routine weekly or monthly, whichever is most convenient for you, and stick to it.

Time management: “Time is the key,” as the adage goes, and whoever controls it controls his or her life. Furthermore, it is true that the busier you are, the better time management you will achieve. Effective scheduling and time management are inextricably linked. School, practise, and commute time to and from school are all expected times, and managing them all is a difficult effort.

Making the most of your free time at school: Make the most of your free time and put it to good use. Make use of your weekend to prepare for the tasks you’ll be doing the following week. To avoid confusion at the last minute, read chapters and make notes every day. Make plans and prepare for impending tests or tasks during this time.

Why Should Sports Be Included In The School Curriculum?

To do well in school, a student must be physically and emotionally healthy and be focused. Incorporating sports activities into the curriculum can greatly assist students in achieving this goal. Making sports a mandatory part of school days has a lot more advantages than you might believe.

Asia Pacific World School is one of the most accomplished schools in Bangalore, setting benchmarks from the very beginning. It is known to be one of the A level schools in Bangalore. Along with academic excellence, it also focuses on extracurricular activities. Physical Education is an important aspect of the curriculum in schools. APWS thinks that a child’s physique can be developed through a variety of indoor and outdoor sports facilities. Football, basketball, and other outdoor sports activities are enjoyed by children of all grades. Indoor activities like chess, snooker/billiards, and table tennis help our kids develop a competitive attitude.

APWS ensures the best learning environment for its students. It aims to offer an environment that promotes overall growth in the child, helping them develop in the best possible way. If you are looking for a school that carves your child’s future exceptionally the APWS is the right choice! 


Advantages And Disadvantages Of Online Classes During Covid-19


‘Online Classes’ became a popular concept in school when the pandemic struck the world. The very existence of online classes was reinstated in schools to avoid missing the essential months of school life.

Schools and universities had to enforce online classes during covid-19 due to strict lockdown. Every institute started using various online tools to keep the classes as effective as physical classes. 

While technology has been growing at a rapid rate for quite a few years now, the real importance was discovered when the whole ‘from home’ culture came into existence. The ‘study online’ part of school life was unexpected but slowly everybody did adapt to it. 

Like there are two sides to the same coin, online learning also has many advantages and disadvantages. While online classes did start as there was no other choice, their impact started creeping in gradually. 

Children had difficulty to focus but various techniques helped in solving that issue. Today the magnanimity of technology is recognised by all age groups and not just the tech or business industry. 

Learning is a lifelong process of attaining success. Taking online classes was always for additional classes and courses. Online classes were flexible and were often taken along with a primary source of education. It is now the ‘new normal’ in every phase of education. 

Let us understand the various reasons why online classes are trending today! 

Advantages of Online Classes During Covid-19:

Covid-19 has been the most deadly virus in centuries. It is spreading like a wildfire and the only way to stop it is social distancing. To abide by this rule, schools started online classes.  It may have been difficult in the beginning but eventually, everybody adapted to the concept. 

Let us tell you about some of the major advantages of conduction online classes during the pandemic:

Convenience at its peak! 

You cannot deny the fact that online classes are way more convenient than physical classes. You can dress the way you want, you can access the class from any part of the world and you can also record the class for future reference. Physical classes can become uncomfortable for many students but also we cannot deny the fact that they could be more impactful. 

It is safer in times of the pandemic, ensuring social distancing. Now that is a big relief! 

Record Now. Refer Later. 

The biggest advantage of having class online is that you can record all classes and refer to them later when you are studying. Physical classes do not allow that, you have to take notes and there is a high possibility of missing out on things. Online classes are the best way to record everything and each point said by the teacher, enabling students to go back to it whenever they want to. Each class becomes timeless with the help of the internet. 

Cost-Effective for Schools and Colleges. 

Online classes are cost-effective because it totally eliminates the cost of maintaining the physical location.  Institutes stopped investing money in maintaining large areas of their physical properties and started investing in online tools which were way less expensive. It reduces worries immediately as the huge amount of money is saved and can be invested in giving better education.

There will be no travel expenses for the students and teachers that some might not be able to afford. The cost of printing materials, paperback study materials and booking an instructor can be eliminated completely as everything is available online. 

Embrace Technology like a professional!

We know it was difficult for many teachers and students to adjust to technology. Eventually, everybody learnt and are now aware of the various things a laptop or a computer can do for you. The best part of online classes is you become Tech Savvy and there are ample things to learn. 

From attending classes through video calls to recording those videos to many more such interesting things were learnt by many for the first time. From accessing study material to giving a test online, so much was taught through the online education concept. 

It surely helped everyone grow their online skills but nothing is perfect. Online education came with a few difficulties as well.  Let us see the disadvantages that came in with Online Education. 

Disadvantages Of Online Education During Covid-19

The making of socially awkward people.

While the convenience and cost-effectiveness of online education are working in favour, zero social interaction can be a problem. Not physically connecting to classmates or teachers can leave the kid unaware of the advantages of physically attending class. The students are becoming more comfortable in their cocoon. 

This could eventually lead to social awkwardness and a lack of the ability to interact with people in a normal way. 

Budget concerns!

 The biggest disadvantage faced by the parents was the massive expense of buying laptops. Many not so well-to-do parents had to spend savings to buy laptops as it became mandatory for the students to be able to have classes with ease. 

It was definitely a hit on the budget!

Technical Issues At All Times.

Internet issues, laptops not working and no electricity are just a few problems to name. These are some of the problems that students and teachers often face and are helpless. There are no such solutions for it. 

A hotspot is not strong enough while installing a generator is expensive so students did miss classes automatically. 

Attention Span Keeps Fluctuating! 

You cannot deny the school students are capable of taking advantage of the whole situation and being less attentive during the class. 

Top Schools And Their Roles In This Digital Shift! 

Top schools in Bangalore are always a step ahead. They adapted to this new normal quite quickly. Some of the best CBSE schools in Bangalore are :

  • Asia Pacific World School 
  • NPS Koramangala
  • HAL Public School
  • National Academy of Learning
  • JSS Public School
  • National Hill View Public School
  • The Oxford Senior Secondary School

Ranked as the 10th best school by Times Of India, Asia Pacific World School in Bangalore. The vision behind starting APWS was to nurture the future leaders of the country. Their world-class standards in education help in transforming children into knowledgeable young minds. 

The vision is to inculcate creativity and innovation in their minds and give them an opportunity to develop overall and not just knowledge. APWS prepares students for life! 

APWS has steadily adapted to the new online education trend with finesse. They ensure the best quality in education and various ways to engage students for better results and experience. The teachers put in extra efforts to make every lesson interesting. 

Online Education is the future! 

The world is now aware of the fact that online education in school days is possible and everybody has now accepted it. As this pandemic gets over it is possible that schools will continue to conduct online classes as it gives the schools and students the convenience of keeping track of everything at all times. 

No paperwork and no maintenance is a time-saving and cost-effective way of hosting education. This is the new normal and schools like APWS are trying their best to incorporate the best teaching-learning practices

Help your child make the most out of online learning by choosing the perfect school that offers a little more holistic development. 

Looking For The Best CBSE School In Bangalore? Choose APWS


In India, many education boards prevail in its thousands of schools. Due to its conducive interests and varied career options, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is one of the most preferred boards in India. Among other cities, Bangalore is home to some of the best CBSE schools in the country. Here is the list of the best CBSE schools in Bangalore.

  • Asia Pacific World School 
  • NPS Koramangala
  • HAL Public School
  • National Academy of Learning
  • JSS Public School
  • National Hill View Public School
  • The Oxford Senior Secondary School

Among the list of the best schools, one institution that stands out from others in Asia Pacific World School (APWS). 


The foundation stone for the Asia Pacific World School was laid down to nurture children through learning techniques that are filled in with elements of innovation and creation. To aid in the development of the children’s overall personality, giving them all the necessary facilities and tools to excel in an international environment.

Located in the serene residential area of Serenity Layout and close to Koramangala and the IT corridor of Sarjapur – Bellandur, AWPS facilitates students to learn the techniques that they can succeed in the international arena. With the fast-moving world, AWPS provides its students with ace-level infrastructure, so that they can be their best selves in the future. 

What Makes AWS Stand Out From Others?

A school that is embedded with interactive spaces that offer the best audio-visual environment creates some of the brilliant personalities for the global world. With its separate halls where students can conduct their meetings in peace, the learning platform at APWS exceeds expectations. 

These are some of the elements that make AWPS, one of the finest CBSE schools in Bangalore. Now, let’s look at each element of the school’s brilliant environment and amenities. 

School Infrastructure

A school that lacks the perfect infrastructure diminishes the level of its excellence. With a good infrastructure comes the passion for learning, the platform for innovation, and the motivation for achieving excellence. AWPS’ infrastructure provides its students with a world-class level of machines, rooms for learning, and much more. 

Reading Room

To build a habit of reading, AWPS facilitates its students to dwell on its collection of some of the amazing books. A room compatible for every student who wishes to explore the literary wizards, AWPS’ reading room is equipped with the ideal environment to read and learn. 


A school is not complete without its temple of knowledge – the library. In AWPS’ library, students can find books ranging from subjects related to World-Literature, English, History, Geography, Computers, and Technology, Science, and Art. Epics of the French, Hindi, and the Kannada languages provide students with an abundance of knowledge. 

Other than books and magazines, students can also access the world of information technology to conduct their research and make the most out of their learnings. 


Learning the theoretical angle is one thing and applying the same knowledge, in reality, is another. Students at APWS are equipped with profuse apparatus and accessories which they can access in the Science, Language, Social Studies, Math, Integrated Science, and Junior Science Lab. 

The labs aim to encourage students to explore their in-depth knowledge of every and anything. Other than that, students can hone their skills and carry out different and amazing experiments that can equip them doing wonders in the future world. 


No school is complete without a cafeteria that provides healthy meals. AWPS’ cafeteria comes with an air-conditioned basement that comprises three classrooms and accommodates around 100-150 students at a time. It provides healthy meals that nourish a student’s mind. 

Alongside the excellent food and hygiene, during the lunch hour, some supervisors keep a check on every students’ nourishment.

Multipurpose Hall

AWPS is equipped with a spacious hall that hosts various co-curricular activities, development seminars, orientations, etc. 

Co-Curricular Activities At AWPS

A school that focuses on the overall development of its students and engages them in fun activities creates perfect all-rounders. At AWPS, students can participate in activities like Show and Tell (literary event), Dance, Music, Art, etc. 

AWPS provides an ideal platform to students so that they can follow their hobbies and learn the most out of them. 

Innovation Centres

At AWPS, students not only showcase their excellence in the classroom but also explore the vast world of science and robotics in the Think Lab and Robotics. 

Think Lab

The modern and sophisticated lab provides students with hands-on experiences where they can explore their inner potential, conduct research and experiments with ease.


To move on with the world of today, students need to have hands-on experience with robotics and AWPS equips them with it.  By exploring the process of building a robot in the classroom to mold it in the way they like, students can investigate different learning methods and be the next Elon Musk. 

Admission Process At AWPS

Eligibility Criteria

The following is the eligibility criteria of AWPS, Bangalore:

  • Admission to the PreKG – KG2 will be taken care of by the admissions department
  • Your last 2 years of academic reports will decide admission to grade 1 to 5
  • A written aptitude test will decide the admission for Grade 6 and above 

Admission Procedure

For Primary Grades

Admission to primary grades would be decided by an interview by the grade teacher. 

For Secondary Grades

Admissions to the secondary grades will be subject to the availability of seats. For Grades 6 to  10, aptitude admission tests will be held which would include subjects like English, Maths, and Science. 

For grades 9 and 10, English and Maths are compulsory subjects and Science would vary according to a student’s choice. 

Process For Admission

Students who wish to apply at AWPS should submit their documents by email or by courier. Applicants must submit the following documents:

  • Registration form
  • Reports of academic accomplishments of at least last 2 years from the previous school 
  • 8 passport size photographs
  • Copy of age proof (Birth certificate or Passport)
  • Registration fees in cash/cheque/Demand Draft before the test

Everything You Must Know About CBSE Board In 2021!

What is CBSE?

CBSE stands for The Central Board of Secondary Education. It started in the year 1962 and now it has over seventeen thousand schools affiliated with it in India and abroad. 

What’s new?

They announced on the 2nd of December that the 2021 board exam will be held offline and not online. The statement issued read as “The exams as and when they are conducted will be in the written mode and not in an online mode. The exams will be conducted following all Covid-19 protocols.”

The decision as to when the exams will be held is yet to be taken while other state boards have already postponed it. Amidst this pandemic situation and all the confusion, the CBSE board is ensuring zero jeopardies in the student’s career. 

While the board is still deciding on new ways of approaching the system, let us talk about how the Central Board of Secondary Education is often the first choice of the parents! 

CBSE Board 2021 And Its Unbeatable Facts! 

CBSE board has been the choice of millions of parents as it is a well recognised and trustworthy education system. It started in the year 1962 and now it has over seventeen thousand schools affiliated with it in India and abroad. 

What makes it so reliable and unique? 

Why is a parent CBSE board the first preference? 

Let us find out! 

Higher Success Rate! 

To start with, CBSE has the most competitive curriculum and course structure. It has incorporated international standards to help the students apply abroad as well. The board aims to build a curriculum that caters to all kinds of students. The syllabus is more practical and application-based as well. 

The curriculum is often kept informative and relevant to the changing times. This not only helps the child to learn an updated version of the topics but also enables them to discover their true potential. The board constantly evaluates and makes changes to ensure that the syllabus is up to date. 

CBSE board aims to keep the whole learning process fun and healthy. They often include fun learning activities to achieve a better and fruitful teaching-learning experience. 

Today according to many surveys it has been proven that the results in the CBSE board have a higher rate of success. This survey is backed up by the National Achievement Survey Of Class 10. The survey showed that CBSE students perform better in mathematics and social sciences and are often part of the IT crowd eventually. 

The board allows affiliated and non-affiliated school students to participate in the exams, maintaining uniformity across a vast range of students. The broader curriculum of the CBSE school allows students to get knowledge about various competitive exams as well. 

The International Approach. 

Breaking geographical barriers, the CBSE board aims to educate the students in a way that helps them learn beyond boundaries. Knowledge should never be restricted by boundaries. The CBSE board updates their curriculum and have even come up with CBSE – I that specially focuses on the international dimension. The syllabus here was more skill-based which helped the board in catering to different styles of learning. 

The CBSE board is innovative and always redefining its approach for the betterment of the students. They included communication, analytics and social skills as electives, ensuring the child learns things that usually are not offered in school education. 

It is recognised by countries like Singapore, UAE and Russia. It is easier for the students to apply for foreign universities as they recognise the CBSE board much easier. Its truly international ways of reforming the curriculum to include the international aspects are what makes it the most preferable. 

Language friendly for many! 

It cannot be denied that the biggest advantage of the CBSE board is that it has both Hindi and English medium schools. The language of instructions is such that it caters to most of the students from India. 

India is a diverse country and languages are just a medium to gain knowledge. Language barriers should be a concern for a talent to showcase its true potential and make a mark in this world. 

Some Of The Important Advantages Of Making Your Child Enrol In A Cbse School Are:

  1. The interactive curriculum helps in giving a child an overall development, the beyond classroom experience is fundamental in today’s time. 
  2. Instead of story building, the students are asked to write answers that are to the point, this enables in better understanding of the child’s progress.
  3. Students are able to shape their career paths with all the additional knowledge included in the curriculum. 
  4. CBSE board encourages students to participate in various extracurricular activities, ensuring proper mental and physical development. 
  5. The option of choosing what the student likes from many subjects helps them understand their ability and calibre. 


Disadvantages of CBSE Board:

  1. They do not focus on the English language as the other boards do. English is a globally accepted language and it helps students to communicate with other parts of the world if required. 
  2. Practical learning is often neglected and more focus is on the theoretical aspects. This could be a hindrance for the students while learning life skills. 

The CBSE Syllabus!

The CBSE syllabus is based on the National Curriculum Framework 2005. This provides students with opportunities to achieve excellence in gaining knowledge. The subjects and topics covered are according to the age group of the students. 

They also promote learning life skills and livelihood skills that enable students to achieve more than just bookish knowledge. 


5 Tips That Can Help You Score Better In Your CBSE Exams Are: 

  1. Practice papers from the previous years. 
  2. Note down common errors and work on them. 
  3. Filter important topics with the help of your teachers. 
  4. Keep a check on your timing while solving practice papers. 
  5. Use smart learning techniques to memorise and understand. 


The Right Board Or School –  What Should You Do As A Parent? 

As a parent, you may face a challenging time in deciding the best for your child. It is our advice to choose the right platform for your child i.e. the right school. Whatever board it is, choosing the right school is the game-changing step. 

Many schools might have CBSE boards but they might lack resources or facilities that enable the best education. The child’s school experience will shape their future and build clarity in what they really want to pursue. 

Asia Pacific World School is one of the leading and the best CBSE schools in Bangalore. They deliver what they promise through extremely talented faculty members and their years of experience in nurturing future leaders of the country. 

From world-class teachers to infrastructural facilities, APWS prepares a child to unleash their true talent and give their 100% in achieving their goals. 

If you are looking for a whole package for your child then APWS is your answer!

Give Your Child An Exceptional Learning Experience at APWS

Childhood is the most precious time of a human being’s life. It is not only the base of your entire life’s learnings but also a phase where a human blooms the maximum. Everything during this period leaves an indelible mark on your child. As a parent, you will always want the best for your child. Why don’t you start with the right school? 

How Is Schooling The Foundation Of Your Child’s Future?

We all know how the right kind of schooling can enhance and shape the future of the child. It is essential to choose the right school for your child as it is the shaper of your child’s life. Children spent half of their days in a school so it is wise to choose a school that nurtures talents and encourages them to do better at all times. 

A school is known to be the foundation of your child’s life. The school not only teaches within the classroom but also teaches life skills beyond the classroom. Education in the right ways is the key to making your child more aware and able in life. 

A good school will offer everything under one roof. From encouraging hobbies to uniquely teaching the regular subjects. Children need attention and encouragement, a good school will successfully enable the child to explore his or her abilities and true potential. 

India is known for its strong education system and with so many great schools hosted by the country, narrowing down to one can get challenging. If we are talking about the best schools then we cannot skip Asia Pacific World School, Bangalore.

Asia Pacific World School – Start With Knowledge And Innovation! 

One of the finest schools in Bangalore is Asia Pacific World School. It is not only known for its world-class education but also its other exceptional features. Its par excellence teaching methods implemented by some of the best teachers promises an unabridged development of the child. 

APWS aims to unveil the true potential of each student, giving everyone a chance to deliver their best performance. From an array of remarkable infrastructural facilities to initiatives for encouraging innovation along with studies, APWS is enhancing the educational system. Its students’ outstanding performances every year is a sheer outcome of its brilliant education. 

Facilities that facilitate your child’s learning experience! 

The infrastructure of the school is extremely important in the child’s learning experience. APWS has not only understood its importance but has also implemented their understanding. From a reading room to labs, enabling students to get a comprehensive education. 

APWS offers a reading room, a well-equipped library, labs for practical knowledge, an infirmary to keep a check on the health, and a multi-purpose hall. All of the above facilities are simple yet exciting for the students. Each facility has a purpose of its own. 

A school campus must be encouraging to ensure that the child takes interest in studying. An exciting school facility will promote the well-being of a child’s mind and more importantly their hearts. 

A school is a place where every child creates endless memories and to make sure they are creating good ones, APWS has brought into the picture these sweet facilities. 

A Space For Innovative Minds! 

A brilliant way to encourage students to create their masterpiece is to give them space to do so. Think Lab and Robotics are two of the most thoughtful initiatives taken by APWS. They are ways to promote lateral thinking and creativity. The students are pushed to innovate with the help of experts. This is a fruitful exercise for the young minds where they are trained to think uniquely and creatively, creating solutions for challenges. 

The primary purpose is to explore many different learning styles and enhance skills like leadership, communication, community building, and many more. These skills will help in moulding the students into a better human being. The independence of creating according to what you think is extremely liberating and helps the child to refine their caliber. 

Online Classes and Experienced Faculty Members. 

Without a teacher, no genius can be born. The teachers at APWS help students to deliver their best. They constantly look after the students and ensure popper learning for all. APWS pays a lot of attention to the hiring of teachers and the student’s holistic developments. 

The school takes pride in its teachers who work endlessly for the student to prosper and bring the desired results. With excellent teaching methods and constant encouragement, students can flourish and pass with flying colours in every exam. 

With such expertise, even the biggest shift to online classes was executed seamlessly by APWS without hampering the child’s education. 

There is no stopping at APWS! Everything including all the extracurricular activities is being conducted, ensuring the best results. 

So if you’re looking for a school that gives maximum effort to bring out the true potential of your child then Asian Pacific World School is your answer! 

Asia Pacific World School – An exclusive world of knowledge! 

We all understand the value of good education but when it comes to your own child you want the best. From where the school is to what it teaches and how it helps your child to unleash the best version of themselves, everything matters. India hosts an array of great schools but Asia Pacific World School promises an exceptional learning experience for the students.

Young minds are capable of learning new things and applying them in their lives instantly. Keeping this fact in mind Asia Pacific World School offers the most of everything. From activities to an international curriculum, the school is a platform for your child’s growth and development. 

Asia Pacific World School is proving its metal since the beginning of its inception and has been awarded for its performance. It is one of the top schools in Bangalore, ranked in the 12th position by the Times School Ranking Survey. 

A school is a place where a child will evolve and learn, it is an institute of changes for the betterment. Asia Pacific World School puts in endless efforts to help the child do better. 

Teaching Pedagogy at Asia Pacific World School:

Asia Pacific World School has its own unique way of imparting education. Their teaching pedagogy is based on the foundation of four important principles, integrity, integration, innovation, and excellence. The excellence par performance of the students is because of the sheer dedication of the teachers and students. It is a combined effort to bring out the best results. 

Asia Pacific World School takes it as an honour to teach, mould, and help young minds. Asia Pacific World School not only helps in bringing academic excellence but trains the mind to innovate as well. Asia Pacific World School aims in enabling students to innovate and invent, helping them make a mark in this world from the beginning. 

Thoughtful Co-curricular Activities at Asia Pacific World School:

While we have spoken a lot about the quality of education Asia Pacific World School gives, we want to put light on all the facilities that Asia Pacific World School has for the children. From dedicated rooms for co-curricular activities to labs for encouraging students to think out of the box, Asia Pacific World School has taken care of everything. 

Asia Pacific World School, an award-winning school, hosts an array of activities that makes students enthusiastic about learning. Various clubs that let students learn new art forms or enhance a skill. Each club has its own characteristics and advantages. Students happily participate in thoughtful activities planned by the school, enabling them to understand their inner caliber. 

Asia Pacific World School empowering students: 

The various activities are a way to encourage students to learn beyond classrooms and give them a fulfilling experience. The activities that are available for the students to explore their hidden talents: 

  1. Music
  2. Dance – Performing Arts 
  3. Art Studio
  4. Drama 
  5. Debate 
  6. Student’s Club
  7. Sports and Games 

The above co-curricular activities promote awareness about various cultures, the importance of community building, and many other life skills. During the childhood period, children take interest in many types of extracurricular activities, and this the right time to build interest as well. 

International Standards of IGCSE for futuristic education! 

IGCSE is one of the internationally recognized and sought after qualifications in the world, enabling students to study in a way that helps them understand international standards. It aims to develop each skill with great detail, from educational to oral to team-work to many other such vital skills. 

The worldwide credibility of IGCSE has made it extremely popular in India as well. Over 130 schools in India are now offering this qualification. It is declared at par with other boards like CBSE, ICSE, and others. Over 140 countries have adopted IGCSE, mostly in the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth countries. 

The curriculum of this board offers a very balanced education with an international perspective on the same. It is known for its understanding of various children with different potentials. The board aims to enhance the child’s skills and bring out the best. 

The Cambridge Checkpoint that comes as a part of the IGCSE is the most fruitful way to understand where the child is lacking. The tests help in understanding where attention has to be given more. An informed way of teaching is always a good way of dealing with education! 

What are you waiting for then? You must let your child embark on this new way of learning things, giving them an opportunity to explore international subjects as well. 

An Exciting Chance to Give Your Children The Future They Deserve! 

APWS is an opportunity for your child to become a better version of himself or herself. The school works hard to offer an education program that is extremely thoughtful and holistic. APWS gives its best in crafting the initial years of the children with fun and knowledge. 

Imagine a school life laced with opportunities to innovate and learn robotics? Make your child’s crucial years exciting at APWS. They believe in the magnanimity of good education as well as allowing children to discover their true talents. 

Unleash your child’s true capabilities at Asia Pacific World School and start their journey towards a brighter future! 

A Comprehensive Guide to IGCSE Board

A Comprehensive Guide to IGCSE Board: Let Your Child Fly High With an International Learning Concept

The concept of international education in India has firmly set its foot. This approach has been widely accepted and favoured throughout the country by education authorities and parents alike, due to its focus towards developing global skills and competencies. And the concept is now here to stay, keeping in mind the increasing demand for globalization and the world connecting at a rapid pace.

An International Curriculum Is The Need Of The Hour

In India too, as soon as children begin schooling, their parents want them to have an educational foundation that includes robust learning which an international curriculum offers. These curricula have evolved over the decades and have their own strengths.

In present India, there exist many flourished international schools in Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune and Delhi which aim inclusiveness and a broad spectrum of knowledge-sharing to its learners.

The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is one such content-rich programme created to prepare students for further studies no matter where they are located across the world. 

The IGCSE curriculum is unique in many ways – with its flexibility of subject choice, real-life learning, practical correlation of subjects and objectivity. Students wanting to pursue higher education in both India and abroad can benefit from this kind of learning experience. 

Today, we are going to explore precisely what the IGCSE is and how it can contribute to a child’s growth and development.

What is IGCSE Board?

The International General Certificate of Secondary Education is an international curriculum designed to encourage high academic standards. Run by the Cambridge International Examination, the programme has a comprehensive curriculum made to meet global needs with an assessment system approach. 

It consists of a two-year syllabus finishing with an external examination at the end of class X. The curriculum offers students an excellent opportunity to prepare for post-secondary education anywhere in the world. The acquired knowledge and skill facilitate them to become efficient global citizens. 

IGCSE provides an excellent platform for students who are willing to enter universities in India, US, UK or anywhere else. The subjects offered cater well to academic, creative and vocational areas. 

The content structure of the syllabus is approved by the UK Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA). Ensuring quality education, the students are encouraged to become competent and independent learners. 

  A few essential facts about the IGCSE Board:

  • The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is a globally acknowledged board/qualification. It is similar to the Class 10 examinations of the CBSE and ICSE boards.
  •  IGCSE is a world popular international qualification for 14 – 16-year olds. 
  • IGCSE is a two-year programme, spread over Class 9 and 10, leading to the final examinations every year in May and November.
  •  Cambridge IGCSE is recognized overseas as equivalent to UK GCSE qualifications. It leads straight to A/AS Levels or employment. It is also available within national education systems in many countries. 
  • IGCSE board curriculum is taken in more than 100 countries worldwide.
  • IGCSE is recognized by CBSE, ICSE and other State Education Boards in India as a qualification for entry to class XI or other higher secondary education courses. 
  • The IGCSE curriculum evolves and brings in local economies and cultures within a global context.

Benefits of Making Your Child Study in the IGCSE Board

In terms of content knowledge, the IGCSE board lays an excellent foundation. 

  • The IGCSE curriculum develops vital educational skills, problem-solving, recall of knowledge, and initiative.
  • The IGCSE programme has a global status and credibility. The board is recognized by the Association of Indian Universities (AIU) for being equivalent to CBSE, ICSE boards.
  • The IGCSE curriculum is balanced and gives an international perspective to studies.
  • Students can take advantage of the Cambridge Checkpoint, an assessment that pinpoints students’ strengths and weaknesses in major curriculum areas.

IGCSE Syllabus Details:

  • Primary Curriculum

The Cambridge IGCSE Primary Curriculum is for learners within the age group of 5 to 11 years.

The program gives an understanding of English, Maths & Science. The structure of the program is entirely need-based, and the feedback provided throughout the program is comprehensive. 

 Though assessments are entirely optional, teachers recommend to take Cambridge Primary Progression Tests, conducted internally by the school.

  • Secondary 1 Curriculum

The Cambridge Secondary 1 Curriculum is for learners of 11 – 14 years.

Secondary 1 Curriculum tries to develop skills and knowledge in English, Mathematics & Science for the first three years of secondary education. The curriculum is need-based and can be customized for studies in English or English as a second language.

  • Secondary 2 Curriculum

IGCSE Secondary 2 Curriculum is meant for students of 14 – 16 olds ( Class IX & X ) and offers two programs of learning. Students have an option of studying for the Cambridge IGCSE Certificate or the Cambridge O levels.

Cambridge IGCSE certificate:

There are more than 70 subjects under Cambridge IGCSE certificate, including 30 languages. Different schools can offer these subjects in any combination. 

The focus of the IGCSE is to offer a broad range of choices to students, including those whose first language is not English.

The curriculum allows students to take a minimum of 5 and maximum of 14 subjects. The IGCSE core subjects consist of English, Mathematics and Science. Furthermore, students can also choose to study other subjects ranging from Social Sciences to Arts & Technology. 

Though the IGCSE syllabus is designed with a global outlook, it tries to retain a local relevance in each region it thrives.

You can get the details of IGCSE syllabus and subjects here.

IGCSE Extended

Cambridge board curriculum offers the option of taking the core or the extended curriculum. While the core curriculum is within the ability range of a majority of students, the extended curriculum covers additional concepts and goes more in detail. 

IGCSE Assessment System

A variety of assessment methods are used, suitable to the various subjects, such as oral and listening tests, practical and course-work. These contribute 30-50% of the final grade in all subjects, in addition to written examinations.

An external written examination takes place at the end of class X. In grade IX, students go through an internal examination in the same pattern as Cambridge. Most of the subjects have 2 to 3 papers but might differ for students who choose core and extended. Some subjects may have papers, including objective-type questions. 

Cambridge conducts IGCSE examination twice a year, in May and in November. Results are declared in August and January.

Students are awarded grades that are benchmarked using eight globally recognized grades ( from A* to G). Each grade has a clear set of guidelines to explain the standard of achievement.

Tips To Prepare Your Child For IGCSE Board Exam

The IGCSE Examinations prepares school students for life, helping them develop curiosity and a never-ending quest for learning. 

Nevertheless, even the IGCSE examinations can be stressful for the students just like any other board exams. Here, you as parents can come to their rescue. Let us see how.

  • Make a proper schedule for your child, balancing study and leisure.
  • Pay adequate attention to their nutrition and sleep.
  • At times, your child might feel demotivated or overwhelmed. Talk to them, acknowledge their feelings and adopt a sensible attitude in finding a solution.
  • Help your child prepare a subject-wise study time table.
  • If your child needs any study support, help them.
  • Do not let them get influenced by any peer pressure. 

A Ticket To Connect Better With The World

Making your child study in one of the best IGCSE schools acts as a passport to the best international universities in the world.

If you plan to send your kids abroad and want them to apply to the best colleges, the IGCSE curriculum will equip them with the necessary skill set required for an international university. 

India’s metro cities have some of the reputed international schools. If you are looking for the best IGCSE schools in Bangalore for your kids, then you may safely consider Asia Pacific World School.

A Comprehensive Guide To Excelling In High School

A Brief Review of the IGCSE Education Board

High School is a very important part of the schooling years of a child. It forms the base of their future career and hence makes for a crucial time in their life. Furthermore, most children are in their teens in high school and this can be a very confusing time for children as well as their parents. Children often tend to lose their way and fall into bad company during this age. Even if parents enroll their children in the best International schools in Bangalore, they might face difficulties to cope with the intensive routine and academic demands of high school. It can not only affect their academics but can also get them into trouble and hamper other aspects of their life. So here are a few tips for parents as well as children to do well in high school:

  1. Communication with children: Communication is key to help children become the best version of themselves. It is essential that parents are approachable to their children whenever they face any difficulties or problems in their life. As a responsible parent, they must ensure to take out time every day to talk to them about their day and share mutual feelings. Motivate them to follow their hobbies and at the same time maintain their academic scores as well.
  1. Balance academics and co-curricular: Co curriculars are just as important as academics. So students should make sure to maintain the right balance between them. As the saying goes,” all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy “. Therefore, it is important for their physical as well as mental well being to take part in sports and other activities. 
  1. Building Personality: In high school, children often get influenced by trends or fall into peer pressure. Rather, students should focus on finding their interests and building their personality. Every human being is unique and children need to cherish their uniqueness from this young age. Teens are the formative years for adulthood and so children should strive to become the best version of themselves.
  1. Accomplishing career goals: High school is an important time in one’s life career-wise as well. Students usually choose their college degrees right out of high school. So children should find their passions and have definite career goals. Having goals helps them stay focused and achieve their dreams.

Parents should take an active interest in their child’s life and be a supporting and motivating force. Simply attending the Best International Schools in Bangalore or other tier-one cities in India won’t help them succeed. To achieve greatness, one must put in great effort as well.