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April 9, 2019April 9, 2019

How do the Best International Schools in Bangalore Encourage Reading in Children

Educators want nothing more than for students to make reading a regular habit. Reading helps students improve their skills of communication, enhance their vocabulary, and even reduce stress.  However, getting students to read might be tougher than it used to be in this age of digitisation. Here are some strategies that have been tried and...

Creating Conditions for Innovation in the Classroom
March 15, 2019March 20, 2019

Creating Conditions for Innovation in the Classroom

  The notion of creativity and innovation in schools is gaining more importance in today’s times. What does this look like in practice? Is it about getting students to a destination or guiding them so they can find their own way? In this article, we look at some tested and acclaimed ways educators influence the...

Here Are Some Ways International Schools in Bangalore Motivate Students
February 8, 2019March 20, 2019

Here Are Some Ways International Schools in Bangalore Motivate Students

  When teachers and students have positive and supportive relationships, it impacts the learning levels of students. Stronger relationships lead to effective learning. Here are some useful ways to gain the trust of students and learn what is meaningful to them that have been shared by some esteemed and venerated international schools in Bangalore: Better...

January 3, 2019March 20, 2019

The Value of Classroom Conversations in Learning

Classroom management is very crucial because of the impact it has on students’ learning. However, there is so much emphasis on keeping the noise levels low in classes that the value of talk time is overlooked. Conversation in the classroom is a significant element of learning. The best international schools in Bangalore treat talk time...

October 15, 2018March 20, 2019

How International Schools Boost Students’ Creativity

The concept of creativity has existed in education for a while, but it is only now that educators, particularly in international schools are making solid efforts to integrate creativity into everyday classroom practices. Cultivating a climate of curiosity and creativity is something educators can work on from the very beginning of every school year. Doing...

September 27, 2018March 20, 2019

Developing Critical Thinking in Classrooms

Critical thinking is a skill essential to learners in the 21st century so they can successfully navigate through endless mountains of information available today. Here are some ways international schools in Bangalore build the valuable skill of critical thinking in their students: Begin with a question This is the simplest foray into critical thinking. Think...

September 4, 2018March 20, 2019

What are the Benefits of International Schooling?

A majority of the Indian education system focuses on rote learning and hosts a highly competitive environment. Heavy emphasis on homework and self-study assignments is given as a student advances to higher classes. Such application-driven assignments often cause students to feel lost and under-confident in their abilities due to the harmful conditioning done by rote...

August 22, 2018March 20, 2019

Tips to make the internet a safer place for your child!

The thought of all the possible things your child could stumble upon online is nothing short of terrifying for a parent. In today’s day and age where information is so freely and easily accessible to all of us with the infiltration of smart devices in our everyday lives, internet safety becomes a very real concern....

August 8, 2018March 20, 2019

Benefits of CBSE for Competitive Examinations Preparation

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is student-friendly and also a preferred choice of curriculum for scores of students in India. The comprehensive course structure of CBSE is designed such that students are not unduly pressurized and truly enjoy learning. Engaging, fun activities are made part of the curriculum to keep learning interactive and...

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