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3rd August, 2021

Sports are an important aspect of everyone’s lives and serve as a basis for academic success. It not only teaches teamwork but also improves leadership abilities. Planning is an important step in determining how an individual will balance his athletic and academic pursuits. Being upbeat about your plans will only help you succeed and boost your confidence.

Maintaining an optimal balance between these two can be strenuous at a point in time. It is up to the individual to decide how to bridge the gap between the two and establish a balanced structure. It’s easy to say that finding a balance between the two is simple, but it takes a lot of thought and patience.

Finding a suitable balance between school and athletics has never been more important than it is now, with both the sporting and academic worlds becoming very competitive. A student-athlete can achieve success in both aspects of their life by following basic strategies like scheduling assignments and engaging in goal-oriented activities.

The best CBSE schools in Bangalore like Asia Pacific World School or APWS School are giving importance to sports for many reasons. Let us understand why?

The benefits of including sports in a child’s routine:

Physical wellness:

Physical fitness is promoted through high school athletics during possibly the most essential period of a young person’s life. Several studies on the physical benefits of high school athletics have been undertaken, and the results are overwhelmingly positive. Sports keep the students active and less lethargic. It also keeps them fit from the inside which is eventually the key to healthy living. 

Inculcating Life Skills:

Sports can help you develop important life skills like empathy. Students gain a deeper knowledge and appreciation for their peers as they learn how to operate as a team toward a common objective. Students’ teamwork and leadership qualities on the field frequently transfer to the classroom and beyond, resulting in a more favourable school culture overall. Sports promote discipline and social skills in a fun way. Children who involve themselves in sports are more aware, agile and happier even outside the field. Sports can also boost self-esteem which is a gradual process an individual goes through. 

Best way to avoid any kind of stress:

We cannot deny the fact that school students go through an immense amount of pressure at times. Students benefit from physical exercises because it freshens their minds and makes them happy. By lowering stress and mental distress, sports can assist kids in remaining pleasant and emotionally fit. When children are emotionally and mentally healthy, it can help them succeed in school and achieve their goals. Students might generate more money if they boost their interest in sporting activities.

Things you can do personally.

Establish your priorities: When it comes to balancing schoolwork and athletics in a student’s life, setting priorities is critical. Prioritization should be based on the amount of time allotted for studying and sports. Keep one thing in mind: you should know what takes precedence in your life at any given time. For example, instead of wasting time playing video games or doing other things before tests, you should be focused on studying.

Keep a calendar: Sticking to a schedule for day-to-day activities will ensure maximum productivity in all areas. For any busy person, especially student-athletes, scheduling your day according to the time slot is crucial. Make a schedule for your daily routine weekly or monthly, whichever is most convenient for you, and stick to it.

Time management: “Time is the key,” as the adage goes, and whoever controls it controls his or her life. Furthermore, it is true that the busier you are, the better time management you will achieve. Effective scheduling and time management are inextricably linked. School, practise, and commute time to and from school are all expected times, and managing them all is a difficult effort.

Making the most of your free time at school: Make the most of your free time and put it to good use. Make use of your weekend to prepare for the tasks you’ll be doing the following week. To avoid confusion at the last minute, read chapters and make notes every day. Make plans and prepare for impending tests or tasks during this time.

Why Should Sports Be Included In The School Curriculum?

To do well in school, a student must be physically and emotionally healthy and be focused. Incorporating sports activities into the curriculum can greatly assist students in achieving this goal. Making sports a mandatory part of school days has a lot more advantages than you might believe.

Asia Pacific World School is one of the most accomplished schools in Bangalore, setting benchmarks from the very beginning. It is known to be one of the A level schools in Bangalore. Along with academic excellence, it also focuses on extracurricular activities. Physical Education is an important aspect of the curriculum in schools. APWS thinks that a child’s physique can be developed through a variety of indoor and outdoor sports facilities. Football, basketball, and other outdoor sports activities are enjoyed by children of all grades. Indoor activities like chess, snooker/billiards, and table tennis help our kids develop a competitive attitude.

APWS ensures the best learning environment for its students. It aims to offer an environment that promotes overall growth in the child, helping them develop in the best possible way. If you are looking for a school that carves your child’s future exceptionally the APWS is the right choice! 




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