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Major Differences Between CBSE and IGCSE Board

Major Differences Between CBSE and IGCSE Board

The global marketplace is every-expanding; therefore, it’s crucial to empower students with skills and competencies that make them “global citizens.” Educational judgments, today, are based on more than picking the right school. Choosing the right board is even more critical. With a wide range of international schools in Bangalore and other cities, choosing the right one can be a tough decision to make.

In this article, let’s discuss the difference between IGCSE and CBSE so that you can choose the right board for your children.

CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education)

CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) is one of the most popular boards across India. It is recognized by the Union Government of India and follows only the NCERT curriculum all over India. Due to the wide range of schools affiliated to this board, students can continue with the same education till higher secondary.

Moreover, CBSE is an excellent choice for families that frequently move due to their job. Choosing a CBSE school will ensure that your child studies a syllabus that is the same nationwide.

This board provides a combination of subjects called streams. Students can choose from three streams – Science, Commerce, and Arts. Students are allowed to choose their preferred subjects in their chosen stream. While subjects like Environment, Social study, and Languages are not compulsory subjects, every student has to study English.

Students studying in a CBSE school will be encouraged to gain a conceptual understanding of all subjects. While the curriculum followed by CBSE schools leans towards the traditional, it is perfect for those who want to appear for engineering or medical entrance exams.

Finally, CBSE conducts AISSE (All India Secondary School Examination) and AISSCE (All India Senior School Certificate Examination) for 10th and 12th class respectively.

Note: You can find both Hindi and English medium schools under the CBSE board.

IGCSE- International General Certificate of Secondary Education

The University of Cambridge International examinations establishes IGCSE and recognized worldwide. This board doesn’t have a predefined syllabus; instead, it chooses to focus on creating a global perspective. Therefore, students can choose from the most recommended textbooks and reference books to study a particular subject.

IGCSE provides more than 70 subjects and emphasizes on education that is creative and applicable in daily life. The education style can be very demanding. IGCSE offers a range of subjects and combinations without the limitations of a stream. This allows students to choose subjects based on their interests. The curriculum focuses on courses like the International Baccalaureate Diploma program and the North American APT (Advanced Placement Test). IGCSE conducts Cambridge Primary and Cambridge Secondary 1 and 2.

Note: IGCSE schools only teach in English.

We hope this article can help you choose the right board for your child. Regardless of whether you choose the best CBSE or best IGCSE schools in Bangalore, you can rest assured that your child will gain the best in education.

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