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Everything You Must Know About CBSE Board In 2021!

What is CBSE?

CBSE stands for The Central Board of Secondary Education. It started in the year 1962 and now it has over seventeen thousand schools affiliated with it in India and abroad. 

What’s new?

They announced on the 2nd of December that the 2021 board exam will be held offline and not online. The statement issued read as “The exams as and when they are conducted will be in the written mode and not in an online mode. The exams will be conducted following all Covid-19 protocols.”

The decision as to when the exams will be held is yet to be taken while other state boards have already postponed it. Amidst this pandemic situation and all the confusion, the CBSE board is ensuring zero jeopardies in the student’s career. 

While the board is still deciding on new ways of approaching the system, let us talk about how the Central Board of Secondary Education is often the first choice of the parents! 

CBSE Board 2021 And Its Unbeatable Facts! 

CBSE board has been the choice of millions of parents as it is a well recognised and trustworthy education system. It started in the year 1962 and now it has over seventeen thousand schools affiliated with it in India and abroad. 

What makes it so reliable and unique? 

Why is a parent CBSE board the first preference? 

Let us find out! 

Higher Success Rate! 

To start with, CBSE has the most competitive curriculum and course structure. It has incorporated international standards to help the students apply abroad as well. The board aims to build a curriculum that caters to all kinds of students. The syllabus is more practical and application-based as well. 

The curriculum is often kept informative and relevant to the changing times. This not only helps the child to learn an updated version of the topics but also enables them to discover their true potential. The board constantly evaluates and makes changes to ensure that the syllabus is up to date. 

CBSE board aims to keep the whole learning process fun and healthy. They often include fun learning activities to achieve a better and fruitful teaching-learning experience. 

Today according to many surveys it has been proven that the results in the CBSE board have a higher rate of success. This survey is backed up by the National Achievement Survey Of Class 10. The survey showed that CBSE students perform better in mathematics and social sciences and are often part of the IT crowd eventually. 

The board allows affiliated and non-affiliated school students to participate in the exams, maintaining uniformity across a vast range of students. The broader curriculum of the CBSE school allows students to get knowledge about various competitive exams as well. 

The International Approach. 

Breaking geographical barriers, the CBSE board aims to educate the students in a way that helps them learn beyond boundaries. Knowledge should never be restricted by boundaries. The CBSE board updates their curriculum and have even come up with CBSE – I that specially focuses on the international dimension. The syllabus here was more skill-based which helped the board in catering to different styles of learning. 

The CBSE board is innovative and always redefining its approach for the betterment of the students. They included communication, analytics and social skills as electives, ensuring the child learns things that usually are not offered in school education. 

It is recognised by countries like Singapore, UAE and Russia. It is easier for the students to apply for foreign universities as they recognise the CBSE board much easier. Its truly international ways of reforming the curriculum to include the international aspects are what makes it the most preferable. 

Language friendly for many! 

It cannot be denied that the biggest advantage of the CBSE board is that it has both Hindi and English medium schools. The language of instructions is such that it caters to most of the students from India. 

India is a diverse country and languages are just a medium to gain knowledge. Language barriers should be a concern for a talent to showcase its true potential and make a mark in this world. 

Some Of The Important Advantages Of Making Your Child Enrol In A Cbse School Are:

  1. The interactive curriculum helps in giving a child an overall development, the beyond classroom experience is fundamental in today’s time. 
  2. Instead of story building, the students are asked to write answers that are to the point, this enables in better understanding of the child’s progress.
  3. Students are able to shape their career paths with all the additional knowledge included in the curriculum. 
  4. CBSE board encourages students to participate in various extracurricular activities, ensuring proper mental and physical development. 
  5. The option of choosing what the student likes from many subjects helps them understand their ability and calibre. 


Disadvantages of CBSE Board:

  1. They do not focus on the English language as the other boards do. English is a globally accepted language and it helps students to communicate with other parts of the world if required. 
  2. Practical learning is often neglected and more focus is on the theoretical aspects. This could be a hindrance for the students while learning life skills. 

The CBSE Syllabus!

The CBSE syllabus is based on the National Curriculum Framework 2005. This provides students with opportunities to achieve excellence in gaining knowledge. The subjects and topics covered are according to the age group of the students. 

They also promote learning life skills and livelihood skills that enable students to achieve more than just bookish knowledge. 


5 Tips That Can Help You Score Better In Your CBSE Exams Are: 

  1. Practice papers from the previous years. 
  2. Note down common errors and work on them. 
  3. Filter important topics with the help of your teachers. 
  4. Keep a check on your timing while solving practice papers. 
  5. Use smart learning techniques to memorise and understand. 


The Right Board Or School –  What Should You Do As A Parent? 

As a parent, you may face a challenging time in deciding the best for your child. It is our advice to choose the right platform for your child i.e. the right school. Whatever board it is, choosing the right school is the game-changing step. 

Many schools might have CBSE boards but they might lack resources or facilities that enable the best education. The child’s school experience will shape their future and build clarity in what they really want to pursue. 

Asia Pacific World School is one of the leading and the best CBSE schools in Bangalore. They deliver what they promise through extremely talented faculty members and their years of experience in nurturing future leaders of the country. 

From world-class teachers to infrastructural facilities, APWS prepares a child to unleash their true talent and give their 100% in achieving their goals. 

If you are looking for a whole package for your child then APWS is your answer!

Give Your Child An Exceptional Learning Experience at APWS

Childhood is the most precious time of a human being’s life. It is not only the base of your entire life’s learnings but also a phase where a human blooms the maximum. Everything during this period leaves an indelible mark on your child. As a parent, you will always want the best for your child. Why don’t you start with the right school? 

How Is Schooling The Foundation Of Your Child’s Future?

We all know how the right kind of schooling can enhance and shape the future of the child. It is essential to choose the right school for your child as it is the shaper of your child’s life. Children spent half of their days in a school so it is wise to choose a school that nurtures talents and encourages them to do better at all times. 

A school is known to be the foundation of your child’s life. The school not only teaches within the classroom but also teaches life skills beyond the classroom. Education in the right ways is the key to making your child more aware and able in life. 

A good school will offer everything under one roof. From encouraging hobbies to uniquely teaching the regular subjects. Children need attention and encouragement, a good school will successfully enable the child to explore his or her abilities and true potential. 

India is known for its strong education system and with so many great schools hosted by the country, narrowing down to one can get challenging. If we are talking about the best schools then we cannot skip Asia Pacific World School, Bangalore.

Asia Pacific World School – Start With Knowledge And Innovation! 

One of the finest schools in Bangalore is Asia Pacific World School. It is not only known for its world-class education but also its other exceptional features. Its par excellence teaching methods implemented by some of the best teachers promises an unabridged development of the child. 

APWS aims to unveil the true potential of each student, giving everyone a chance to deliver their best performance. From an array of remarkable infrastructural facilities to initiatives for encouraging innovation along with studies, APWS is enhancing the educational system. Its students’ outstanding performances every year is a sheer outcome of its brilliant education. 

Facilities that facilitate your child’s learning experience! 

The infrastructure of the school is extremely important in the child’s learning experience. APWS has not only understood its importance but has also implemented their understanding. From a reading room to labs, enabling students to get a comprehensive education. 

APWS offers a reading room, a well-equipped library, labs for practical knowledge, an infirmary to keep a check on the health, and a multi-purpose hall. All of the above facilities are simple yet exciting for the students. Each facility has a purpose of its own. 

A school campus must be encouraging to ensure that the child takes interest in studying. An exciting school facility will promote the well-being of a child’s mind and more importantly their hearts. 

A school is a place where every child creates endless memories and to make sure they are creating good ones, APWS has brought into the picture these sweet facilities. 

A Space For Innovative Minds! 

A brilliant way to encourage students to create their masterpiece is to give them space to do so. Think Lab and Robotics are two of the most thoughtful initiatives taken by APWS. They are ways to promote lateral thinking and creativity. The students are pushed to innovate with the help of experts. This is a fruitful exercise for the young minds where they are trained to think uniquely and creatively, creating solutions for challenges. 

The primary purpose is to explore many different learning styles and enhance skills like leadership, communication, community building, and many more. These skills will help in moulding the students into a better human being. The independence of creating according to what you think is extremely liberating and helps the child to refine their caliber. 

Online Classes and Experienced Faculty Members. 

Without a teacher, no genius can be born. The teachers at APWS help students to deliver their best. They constantly look after the students and ensure popper learning for all. APWS pays a lot of attention to the hiring of teachers and the student’s holistic developments. 

The school takes pride in its teachers who work endlessly for the student to prosper and bring the desired results. With excellent teaching methods and constant encouragement, students can flourish and pass with flying colours in every exam. 

With such expertise, even the biggest shift to online classes was executed seamlessly by APWS without hampering the child’s education. 

There is no stopping at APWS! Everything including all the extracurricular activities is being conducted, ensuring the best results. 

So if you’re looking for a school that gives maximum effort to bring out the true potential of your child then Asian Pacific World School is your answer! 

Asia Pacific World School – An exclusive world of knowledge! 

We all understand the value of good education but when it comes to your own child you want the best. From where the school is to what it teaches and how it helps your child to unleash the best version of themselves, everything matters. India hosts an array of great schools but Asia Pacific World School promises an exceptional learning experience for the students.

Young minds are capable of learning new things and applying them in their lives instantly. Keeping this fact in mind Asia Pacific World School offers the most of everything. From activities to an international curriculum, the school is a platform for your child’s growth and development. 

Asia Pacific World School is proving its metal since the beginning of its inception and has been awarded for its performance. It is one of the top schools in Bangalore, ranked in the 12th position by the Times School Ranking Survey. 

A school is a place where a child will evolve and learn, it is an institute of changes for the betterment. Asia Pacific World School puts in endless efforts to help the child do better. 

Teaching Pedagogy at Asia Pacific World School:

Asia Pacific World School has its own unique way of imparting education. Their teaching pedagogy is based on the foundation of four important principles, integrity, integration, innovation, and excellence. The excellence par performance of the students is because of the sheer dedication of the teachers and students. It is a combined effort to bring out the best results. 

Asia Pacific World School takes it as an honour to teach, mould, and help young minds. Asia Pacific World School not only helps in bringing academic excellence but trains the mind to innovate as well. Asia Pacific World School aims in enabling students to innovate and invent, helping them make a mark in this world from the beginning. 

Thoughtful Co-curricular Activities at Asia Pacific World School:

While we have spoken a lot about the quality of education Asia Pacific World School gives, we want to put light on all the facilities that Asia Pacific World School has for the children. From dedicated rooms for co-curricular activities to labs for encouraging students to think out of the box, Asia Pacific World School has taken care of everything. 

Asia Pacific World School, an award-winning school, hosts an array of activities that makes students enthusiastic about learning. Various clubs that let students learn new art forms or enhance a skill. Each club has its own characteristics and advantages. Students happily participate in thoughtful activities planned by the school, enabling them to understand their inner caliber. 

Asia Pacific World School empowering students: 

The various activities are a way to encourage students to learn beyond classrooms and give them a fulfilling experience. The activities that are available for the students to explore their hidden talents: 

  1. Music
  2. Dance – Performing Arts 
  3. Art Studio
  4. Drama 
  5. Debate 
  6. Student’s Club
  7. Sports and Games 

The above co-curricular activities promote awareness about various cultures, the importance of community building, and many other life skills. During the childhood period, children take interest in many types of extracurricular activities, and this the right time to build interest as well. 

International Standards of IGCSE for futuristic education! 

IGCSE is one of the internationally recognized and sought after qualifications in the world, enabling students to study in a way that helps them understand international standards. It aims to develop each skill with great detail, from educational to oral to team-work to many other such vital skills. 

The worldwide credibility of IGCSE has made it extremely popular in India as well. Over 130 schools in India are now offering this qualification. It is declared at par with other boards like CBSE, ICSE, and others. Over 140 countries have adopted IGCSE, mostly in the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth countries. 

The curriculum of this board offers a very balanced education with an international perspective on the same. It is known for its understanding of various children with different potentials. The board aims to enhance the child’s skills and bring out the best. 

The Cambridge Checkpoint that comes as a part of the IGCSE is the most fruitful way to understand where the child is lacking. The tests help in understanding where attention has to be given more. An informed way of teaching is always a good way of dealing with education! 

What are you waiting for then? You must let your child embark on this new way of learning things, giving them an opportunity to explore international subjects as well. 

An Exciting Chance to Give Your Children The Future They Deserve! 

APWS is an opportunity for your child to become a better version of himself or herself. The school works hard to offer an education program that is extremely thoughtful and holistic. APWS gives its best in crafting the initial years of the children with fun and knowledge. 

Imagine a school life laced with opportunities to innovate and learn robotics? Make your child’s crucial years exciting at APWS. They believe in the magnanimity of good education as well as allowing children to discover their true talents. 

Unleash your child’s true capabilities at Asia Pacific World School and start their journey towards a brighter future! 

A Comprehensive Guide to IGCSE Board

A Comprehensive Guide to IGCSE Board: Let Your Child Fly High With an International Learning Concept

The concept of international education in India has firmly set its foot. This approach has been widely accepted and favoured throughout the country by education authorities and parents alike, due to its focus towards developing global skills and competencies. And the concept is now here to stay, keeping in mind the increasing demand for globalization and the world connecting at a rapid pace.

An International Curriculum Is The Need Of The Hour

In India too, as soon as children begin schooling, their parents want them to have an educational foundation that includes robust learning which an international curriculum offers. These curricula have evolved over the decades and have their own strengths.

In present India, there exist many flourished international schools in Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune and Delhi which aim inclusiveness and a broad spectrum of knowledge-sharing to its learners.

The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is one such content-rich programme created to prepare students for further studies no matter where they are located across the world. 

The IGCSE curriculum is unique in many ways – with its flexibility of subject choice, real-life learning, practical correlation of subjects and objectivity. Students wanting to pursue higher education in both India and abroad can benefit from this kind of learning experience. 

Today, we are going to explore precisely what the IGCSE is and how it can contribute to a child’s growth and development.

What is IGCSE Board?

The International General Certificate of Secondary Education is an international curriculum designed to encourage high academic standards. Run by the Cambridge International Examination, the programme has a comprehensive curriculum made to meet global needs with an assessment system approach. 

It consists of a two-year syllabus finishing with an external examination at the end of class X. The curriculum offers students an excellent opportunity to prepare for post-secondary education anywhere in the world. The acquired knowledge and skill facilitate them to become efficient global citizens. 

IGCSE provides an excellent platform for students who are willing to enter universities in India, US, UK or anywhere else. The subjects offered cater well to academic, creative and vocational areas. 

The content structure of the syllabus is approved by the UK Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA). Ensuring quality education, the students are encouraged to become competent and independent learners. 

  A few essential facts about the IGCSE Board:

  • The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is a globally acknowledged board/qualification. It is similar to the Class 10 examinations of the CBSE and ICSE boards.
  •  IGCSE is a world popular international qualification for 14 – 16-year olds. 
  • IGCSE is a two-year programme, spread over Class 9 and 10, leading to the final examinations every year in May and November.
  •  Cambridge IGCSE is recognized overseas as equivalent to UK GCSE qualifications. It leads straight to A/AS Levels or employment. It is also available within national education systems in many countries. 
  • IGCSE board curriculum is taken in more than 100 countries worldwide.
  • IGCSE is recognized by CBSE, ICSE and other State Education Boards in India as a qualification for entry to class XI or other higher secondary education courses. 
  • The IGCSE curriculum evolves and brings in local economies and cultures within a global context.

Benefits of Making Your Child Study in the IGCSE Board

In terms of content knowledge, the IGCSE board lays an excellent foundation. 

  • The IGCSE curriculum develops vital educational skills, problem-solving, recall of knowledge, and initiative.
  • The IGCSE programme has a global status and credibility. The board is recognized by the Association of Indian Universities (AIU) for being equivalent to CBSE, ICSE boards.
  • The IGCSE curriculum is balanced and gives an international perspective to studies.
  • Students can take advantage of the Cambridge Checkpoint, an assessment that pinpoints students’ strengths and weaknesses in major curriculum areas.

IGCSE Syllabus Details:

  • Primary Curriculum

The Cambridge IGCSE Primary Curriculum is for learners within the age group of 5 to 11 years.

The program gives an understanding of English, Maths & Science. The structure of the program is entirely need-based, and the feedback provided throughout the program is comprehensive. 

 Though assessments are entirely optional, teachers recommend to take Cambridge Primary Progression Tests, conducted internally by the school.

  • Secondary 1 Curriculum

The Cambridge Secondary 1 Curriculum is for learners of 11 – 14 years.

Secondary 1 Curriculum tries to develop skills and knowledge in English, Mathematics & Science for the first three years of secondary education. The curriculum is need-based and can be customized for studies in English or English as a second language.

  • Secondary 2 Curriculum

IGCSE Secondary 2 Curriculum is meant for students of 14 – 16 olds ( Class IX & X ) and offers two programs of learning. Students have an option of studying for the Cambridge IGCSE Certificate or the Cambridge O levels.

Cambridge IGCSE certificate:

There are more than 70 subjects under Cambridge IGCSE certificate, including 30 languages. Different schools can offer these subjects in any combination. 

The focus of the IGCSE is to offer a broad range of choices to students, including those whose first language is not English.

The curriculum allows students to take a minimum of 5 and maximum of 14 subjects. The IGCSE core subjects consist of English, Mathematics and Science. Furthermore, students can also choose to study other subjects ranging from Social Sciences to Arts & Technology. 

Though the IGCSE syllabus is designed with a global outlook, it tries to retain a local relevance in each region it thrives.

You can get the details of IGCSE syllabus and subjects here.

IGCSE Extended

Cambridge board curriculum offers the option of taking the core or the extended curriculum. While the core curriculum is within the ability range of a majority of students, the extended curriculum covers additional concepts and goes more in detail. 

IGCSE Assessment System

A variety of assessment methods are used, suitable to the various subjects, such as oral and listening tests, practical and course-work. These contribute 30-50% of the final grade in all subjects, in addition to written examinations.

An external written examination takes place at the end of class X. In grade IX, students go through an internal examination in the same pattern as Cambridge. Most of the subjects have 2 to 3 papers but might differ for students who choose core and extended. Some subjects may have papers, including objective-type questions. 

Cambridge conducts IGCSE examination twice a year, in May and in November. Results are declared in August and January.

Students are awarded grades that are benchmarked using eight globally recognized grades ( from A* to G). Each grade has a clear set of guidelines to explain the standard of achievement.

Tips To Prepare Your Child For IGCSE Board Exam

The IGCSE Examinations prepares school students for life, helping them develop curiosity and a never-ending quest for learning. 

Nevertheless, even the IGCSE examinations can be stressful for the students just like any other board exams. Here, you as parents can come to their rescue. Let us see how.

  • Make a proper schedule for your child, balancing study and leisure.
  • Pay adequate attention to their nutrition and sleep.
  • At times, your child might feel demotivated or overwhelmed. Talk to them, acknowledge their feelings and adopt a sensible attitude in finding a solution.
  • Help your child prepare a subject-wise study time table.
  • If your child needs any study support, help them.
  • Do not let them get influenced by any peer pressure. 

A Ticket To Connect Better With The World

Making your child study in one of the best IGCSE schools acts as a passport to the best international universities in the world.

If you plan to send your kids abroad and want them to apply to the best colleges, the IGCSE curriculum will equip them with the necessary skill set required for an international university. 

India’s metro cities have some of the reputed international schools. If you are looking for the best IGCSE schools in Bangalore for your kids, then you may safely consider Asia Pacific World School.

A Comprehensive Guide To Excelling In High School

A Brief Review of the IGCSE Education Board

High School is a very important part of the schooling years of a child. It forms the base of their future career and hence makes for a crucial time in their life. Furthermore, most children are in their teens in high school and this can be a very confusing time for children as well as their parents. Children often tend to lose their way and fall into bad company during this age. Even if parents enroll their children in the best International schools in Bangalore, they might face difficulties to cope with the intensive routine and academic demands of high school. It can not only affect their academics but can also get them into trouble and hamper other aspects of their life. So here are a few tips for parents as well as children to do well in high school:

  1. Communication with children: Communication is key to help children become the best version of themselves. It is essential that parents are approachable to their children whenever they face any difficulties or problems in their life. As a responsible parent, they must ensure to take out time every day to talk to them about their day and share mutual feelings. Motivate them to follow their hobbies and at the same time maintain their academic scores as well.
  1. Balance academics and co-curricular: Co curriculars are just as important as academics. So students should make sure to maintain the right balance between them. As the saying goes,” all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy “. Therefore, it is important for their physical as well as mental well being to take part in sports and other activities. 
  1. Building Personality: In high school, children often get influenced by trends or fall into peer pressure. Rather, students should focus on finding their interests and building their personality. Every human being is unique and children need to cherish their uniqueness from this young age. Teens are the formative years for adulthood and so children should strive to become the best version of themselves.
  1. Accomplishing career goals: High school is an important time in one’s life career-wise as well. Students usually choose their college degrees right out of high school. So children should find their passions and have definite career goals. Having goals helps them stay focused and achieve their dreams.

Parents should take an active interest in their child’s life and be a supporting and motivating force. Simply attending the Best International Schools in Bangalore or other tier-one cities in India won’t help them succeed. To achieve greatness, one must put in great effort as well.

Advantages of CBSE over Other School Boards in India

Advantages of CBSE over Other School Boards in India

The biggest worry parents face these days, is the admission of their child in a good school. In fact, as soon as the child grows up, parents start thinking of getting their kid admitted to a school. However, most parents are usually confused regarding appropriate board selection for their child due to competition. Students have limited number of choices available when it comes to choosing school boards in India. They can either choose Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) or Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination (CISCE). 

According to education experts, maximum percentage of students from the Central Board of Secondary Education qualify the top exams in India. Although there are some advantages and disadvantages of each school board, the Central Board of Secondary Education, being the national board of India, is preferable in the present competitive world. The board conducts major national competitive exams, such as JEE, NEET, and AIPMT. NPS Koramangala, Asia Pacific World School, Mahadevi Vidya World Academy, Hariyana Vidya Mandir, R.N. Podar School, Ryan International School, Vasant Valley School, and Delhi Public School are some of the best schools in Bangalore, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Delhi. 

Following are some of the advantages of Central Board of Secondary Education:


CBSE curriculum is more student-friendly than other school boards in India and is designed keeping students at the center. The books are interactive and allow students to gain knowledge about different things with joy. Hands-on learning helps students gain knowledge in a healthy and productive manner.

2.Examination Structure

CBSE board exams are facilitative to the students in order to provide a positive environment while also tests learning capacity through efficient exam pattern. The board puts efforts for a thorough understanding and learning of students, which ensures mugging is not required to score good marks in the exam.

3.Advantage in Competitive Exams

The syllabus of NCERT is the foundation for the curriculum of CBSE. This gives a competitive advantage to the students who want to pursue their future studies from top institutions, such as AIIMS and IIT. Moreover, CBSE organizes preliminary exams for these institutions thus, giving the students an edge over others.

These are some of the advantages of the CBSE board over other school boards in India. The curriculum is student-friendly and the methodology for teaching is facilitative to the Indian education. In conclusion, we can say that the students who are studying in top CBSE schools in Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, and other cities in India have an edge over students from other boards.

What do Science Subjects in IGCSE focus on ?

The International General Certificate of Secondary Education was developed in the year 1988 by Cambridge International Examination. It is a recognized worldwide program. The IGCSE syllabus is being taught by more than 9000 schools in 160 countries. There are many top IGCSE schools in Bangalore, Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi and many other Indian cities.  

The curriculum of Cambridge IGCSE is quite flexible due to an international outlook, but it also keeps a local connection. The focus of the syllabus is to protect the disparate cultural identity through literature syllabi and particular language as well as encourage international outlook. This course offers more than 70 subjects, including 30 languages from which the school can choose to provide their combinations. This is the most popular international qualification for students who are 14 to 16 years old. The students are allowed to take a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 14 subjects. The science subjects falling under the IGCSE syllabus along with their topics are discussed below-

Biology Syllabus

  • Characteristics and classification of a living organism – This topic concentrates on the study of the classification of living organisms into groups and their features such as functionality and appearance.
  • Plant Nutrition – It refers to the study of compounds, their effect and deficiency required for plant growth, metabolism and the necessary supply.
  • Human Nutrition – This topic deals with the all essential elements required to support the health and life of a human being.
  • Respiration- This topic deals with the Anaerobic respiration and Aerobic respiration. Anaerobic respiration refers to the respiration using electron acceptors other than oxygen, and aerobic respiration refers to the process of producing cellular energy which involves oxygen. 
  • Coordination and response – This topic includes the hormones, homeostasis, nervous control and sense organs of humans.  
  • Drugs – This chapter includes a detailed study of drugs like medicinal drugs and misused drugs.   
  • Reproduction – This chapter focuses on studies related to asexual and sexual reproduction in plants and humans, STIs of humans, etc.  
  • Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering – This topic deals with all the engineering principles that are used in biological systems to solve the problems related to materials, sustainable food and health.
  • Organisms and Environment- This topic deals with nutrient cycles, population size, energy flow, etc.

Physics Syllabus

  • General Physics – This covers topics such as length, time, forces, motion, energy and power. 
  • Electricity and Magnetism – This chapter includes the study of the electromagnetic force.
  • Atomic Physics – Atomic physics deals with electron cloud structure in atoms.
  • Thermal Physics – This topic includes thermal properties, processes and simple kinetic molecular model of matter.
  • Light and Sound Waves – This chapter includes electromagnetic spectrum, sound, general wave properties and light.

Chemistry Syllabus

  • Atoms, Elements and Compounds – This chapter deals with the atomic structure of the periodic table, covalent bonds, metallic bonding, etc.  
  • Acids, Bases and Salts- This topic deals with the properties of acids, bases and preparation of salts. 
  • Air and Water- This topic deals with all the elements related to air and water.
  • Metals- This chapter includes the properties, extraction and uses of metals.
  • Organic Chemistry- This topic deals with compounds of carbon. 

The syllabus of IGCSE is prepared in such a way so that the students can engage, learn and succeed in the science field. It covers vast areas of knowledge and prepares them to excel in science related careers. Studying in the best IGCSE schools in Bangalore, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai or any other city of one’s choice will help the students in pursuing further studies in the field of their interest and build a successful career

Are International Schools Really Worth the Fees?

As parents, it is common that you put in a lot of thought and deliberation while choosing the best school for your child. And your concerns are absolutely genuine. With so many schools offering different teaching methodologies and curricula, you are bound to be overwhelmed with the various schooling options. While each educational institute comes with its own set of unique learning methods, international schools in Bangalore or other cities provide a distinctive edge to students. 

Finding a school that aligns with your child’s abilities is usually difficult. Choosing an international school may be an excellent choice for students and can add many benefits to their future. However, global schools generally charge higher fees than normal schools. If you are in doubt that investing in an international school might not be worth the fees, then worry not because we have compiled a list of features that will help clear your uncertainties.

Exposure to a new culture-

Needless to say, international schools follow a global curriculum. The course is carefully designed to incorporate world cultures into the learning process, thereby providing education that is globally accepted. Studying in these schools will benefit students to learn about different cultural experiences from diverse backgrounds. Children will get an opportunity to gain insights and confidence to associate with people all around the globe in the future. 

Overall personality development-

International schools often include co-curricular activities as a part of their academic curriculum. These activities help in instilling life skills and social skills that last lifelong. International schools focus on practical learning rather than traditional blackboard-chalk education. Children who actively participate in activities, develop new skills that can help them excel in the future.

Low student to teacher ratio-

Unlike normal schools, international schools often keep the class size small. This helps teachers to focus on each child and give them the attention they deserve. Children who are lagging behind in specific subjects get more attention, and the teachers can notice these areas of improvement immediately. With a smaller class size, students get an opportunity to speak up and share their opinions confidently that helps in building their overall character.

All-rounded curriculum-

The curriculum adhered to, by international schools is frequently updated and revised to keep up with a continually evolving society. The programmes integrate a balance between academics, sports, and extracurricular activities. Schools focus more on the acquisition of skills rather than just memorizing content from textbooks. Most international schools offer various clubs like music, drama, debate, art, and many more with well-equipped facilities that help children to procure new skills.

Along with honing children with both academic and competent skills, international schools help children to gain more confidence in the competitive world. Since the curriculum exposes children to different world cultures, students can achieve global career opportunities in the future. However, it is essential that you check all the facilities provided by the institute like faculty, infrastructure, curriculum, and pedagogy. This will help you in choosing the perfect place for your child’s education from a long and confusing list of the best international schools in Bangalore or elsewhere.

Reasons to Choose an IGCSE School for Your Child

Choosing an ideal  board for your little one’s education might seem like an arduous task. However, one board that is known to impart the right knowledge while keeping the child’s overall development in mind is, the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE). It is the most popular international schooling system that prepares students for International Baccalaureate and CIE A-level. 

So, if you are facing difficulty in choosing from a plethora of educational boards, we suggest that you enrol your child in one of the best IGCSE schools in Bangalore or other cities. Listed below are some of the reasons why an IGCSE board is an ideal option for your kid’s education.

Solid foundation

The IGCSE board helps in identifying a student’s strengths and weaknesses from a primary stage. By giving students the freedom to choose from various subjects, the board aims at developing their strengths right from the Cambridge Secondary level 1. It also eases their entire learning and development process. Moreover, the board focuses on knowledge rather than just scoring good marks, thereby making education fun and seamless.

International standards

Being an international programme, IGCSE provides a global benchmark for both students and education leaders to evaluate the progress over time. The board also enables students to secure their place at international colleges or universities by giving them a comprehensive perspective. It acts as a perfect option for students who want to relocate in order to pursue higher education in foreign countries. Thus, IGCSE prepares them to meet future challenges of the global industry.

Up to date curriculum

IGCSE encourages students to come up with new ideas and resources, while learning existing theories. The curriculum is specially designed to keep students updated with relevant industry trends. The syllabus is crafted, keeping in mind, an international outlook as well as gain a significant knowledge about local topics. All in all, the curriculum is developed for a global student body and steers clear of any cultural bias, thereby making students adept with valuable knowledge and abilities.

Practical learning methods

Unlike other boards, IGCSE does not promote rote learning. Rather than encouraging students to memorize textbooks, IGCSE takes a practical and application-based learning approach. The course structure is usually designed in a way that creates a supporting framework for both teachers and learners. Moreover, the teachers only provide the foundation of the syllabus while the students are expected to interpret the subject matter in detail to acquire a better understanding of the same. 

Flexible and easy to adapt

IGCSE offers a wide array of subjects to choose from, thereby encouraging higher academic standards through practical learning techniques. Student assessment is not limited to conventionally written exams but also involves a variety of tests that are known to enhance a child’s overall personality growth. Most subjects allow students to choose between core curriculum and extended curriculum. This gives them an option to opt for subjects they are interested in and an opportunity to score good marks.

The IGCSE board encourages students to develop a global outlook and promote international-mindedness. It aims at instilling cultural awareness in students through modern learning practices. Choosing from the top IGCSE schools in Bangalore or elsewhere will make sure that your child gets value-based education with top-notch facilities and qualified faculties.