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Why are extra-curricular activities important for your child?

Why are extra-curricular activities important for your child?


“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”, a universally accepted fact yet overlooked by many educational institutes. It is no secret that the Indian schooling system has always been obsessed with excellent academic performances. Often left unnoticed, additional-curricular activities play an essential role in the all-round development of your child. However, many international schools in Bangalore and other cities have now inculcated extra-curricular activities as a part of their syllabus to improve the child’s soft skills.

So what exactly do extra-curricular activities mean?

Extra-curricular or co-curricular activities are projects which are undertaken along with the regular academic modules, thereby taking education away from the four walls of the classroom. It may include pursuits like singing, athletics, dancing, writing competitions, drama, painting, science clubs and many more. These activities aim to bring social skills along with cultural & ethical values and personality development in students. 

Though these activities are crucial in nurturing the child’s overall improvement, they are often neglected by teachers, parents and students themselves. We bring you a list of benefits of extra-curricular activities-

Improved mental health– 

With the ever-growing pressure on students to perform exceptionally well in academics, mental health becomes a concern for many. Co-curricular activities help in reducing stress by increasing social connections, improving self-esteem and creating a positive atmosphere for the students.

Developing social skills

Getting involved in activities other than studies can help students build social skills by breaking personal barriers and sharing a competitive spirit. Participation in such projects can result in making new friends with similar interests and children can quickly adapt to teamwork. 

Nurturing life skills

Along with social skills, co-curricular activities create a sense of responsibility and confidence in children. Studies show that students who participate in these additional activities are better at managing time and have better leadership skills. Since these projects usually involve working with other students, the child is exposed to new ideas and develops communication skills quicker than other peers.

Improved academic performance

As a parent, you may worry that engaging in extra activities can hamper your child’s grades. But the reality is often different. Extra-curricular activities can help develop skills such as time management, sense of commitment, concentration, and thinking ability in children that enrich their learning experiences. These competencies also help in the classrooms as students learn how to express themselves through effective communication. 

Creates interests and hobbies

Extracurriculars empowers students to pursue interests outside of a patterned educational context. Children can also use these activities to explore areas of interests which they have never come across. These interests can later be turned into internships or professions as they can help to decide prospective higher education streams.

You can choose the best CBSE schools in Bangalore or other parts of the country that provide quality education with value-based curricular activities to enhance your child’s learning process. Because, as a Chinese proverb very aptly states, “Teach me, and I will forget. Show me, and I might remember. Involve me, and I will never forget.”, extra-curricular activities help in shaping the child’s mind with indispensable skills.

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