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Co-curricular Activities


Show & Tell

Topic – Literacy

“Show & Tell” activity on the Literacy topics learnt was conducted on 8th January. All the Pre-Primary students were asked to present on the topics which were taught to them like phonics, digraphs and blends. Students presented various songs related to the phonics and digraphs. They confidently explained the definition of the concepts and also illustrated some examples with colourful props.  

Students were excited to watch their peer’s presentation and also were super excited to present their topics. It gave way to reinforce the topics taught in a fun filled way. It not only opened the wings of each student to become a good orator but also strengthened their oratorical skills.    



APWS encourages its students to excel in music, having appointed some of the renowned musicians in the industry. Our students get a hands-on experience in the music room. APWS has integrated a dedicated music room with a variety of musical instruments to choose from.


Dance – Performing Arts

Throughout the year APWS engages in dance programs and competitions. Different forms of dance is professionally taught to our students, our dance teachers are not only excellent dancers but patient teachers.


Imaginative play stimulates and challenges the brain, and allows child to be innovative and broad-minded.


Getting up in front of an audience and presenting an idea are extraordinarily valuable and is appreciated in many areas of adult life, be it personally or professionally.

art studio

Art Studio

APWS has a dedicated Art Studio where students learn different forms of art, they are encouraged to create oil paintings, learn different forms of brushing techniques.



APWS Drama Club have put up some of the best plays including “Fiddler on the Roof”. Our team of musicians, drama team and dance team work together to put up a grand show every year.



APWS wants students to be all-round individuals. We are constantly engaging in fests, debates and competitions and spend time preparing to bring out the best in our students.

Student Club

Students’ club

The purpose of students’ club is to raise awareness of cultures & promote discussion of economic, political and social issues. The school encourages providing a platform for students interested in careers and encouraging development in all fields. Study Skills Club, Dance Club, Music Club, Year Book Club, Physics Club, Drama Club, Public Speaking Club, Environmental Club,

sports games

Sports and Games

Physical Education is an integral part of the school programme. APWS believes in developing the physique of the child through various indoor and outdoor sport facilities. Children from all grades enjoy playing football, basket ball and all other outdoor sport activities. Indoor games such as chess, snooker / billiards and table-tennis enhance the spirit of competitiveness in our children. We ensure all the sports offered cater to a variety of interests and development.