Learn how to make Mathematics your child’s best friend!

If the mention of math class at school or homework conjures up fear and dread in your child don’t worry; it’s more common than you think. This fear of math makes children believe they’re not good at the subject, and they simply “can’t” get better, even when they might actually be perfectly capable mathematically. Both teachers and parents can help children rise above this fear and excel in the subject. This can be observed in some of the best international schools in Bangalore carefully shape the right attitude towards mathematics in students with various teaching approaches.
Here are the top three things to be mindful of to help your child fight and overcome the fear of math:

  1. Anyone can do math

A widely held misconception is that only some chosen children are naturally good at math. This theory has been disproved many times over the years, yet is still not completely done away with. This belief filters through to children and they grow up with a fear of math, unwilling to engage with the subject.

  1. Mistakes indicate learning

We’re all afraid of failure. But being human also means the innate trait of making mistakes.  As adults we might be able to see making mistakes to be a necessary and inevitable part of any learning process, but children have a different perspective. When they think they’re going to fail at something, they usually don’t even want to try. Even research shows that the human brain grows the most when making a mistake particularly in math. Unfortunately children feel awful if they get something wrong in this subject. As parents try to reassure your children that making mistakes isn’t only a good thing, but struggling in math is a sure sign that their brain is developing.

  1. Play with numbers

The ability to play around with numbers is helpful for mental arithmetic as well as real-life applications. Encourage your children to have fun with numbers, play with numbers on paper, or with big counters in front of them. This equips them with visual images of what they have learnt. Having visual images reinforce and strengthen concepts in their heads. This is a great way to build self-confidence while cultivating an interest in the subject. Due to the success of this technique, most of the best CBSE schools in Bangalore have integrated play into their math teaching practices.

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