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Aug 05th 2020


paves way to new vistas.

Virtual Classes through Microsoft Teams.

A productively engaged mind has better mental health

To shift focus from ‘schooling only at schools’ to ‘School-Home collaboration for learning, Let us relook at the various symbiotic relationships –human to human, human to nature and nature to nature – that can add value to the joy of educating a child. 

The teachers have been trained to be more effective and innovative to determine the best strategy to connect with the students during this crucial time of pandemic globally.

As you all are aware that the entire world is facing a completely unprecedented crisis due to the spread of the Novel Corona Virus.

Social distancing, one of the key components in the fight with this virus, is creating a challenging situation for our social institutions. 

School as a prominent social institution, is not going to remain unaffected by it. In this situation reopening of the school would be delayed for this academic year 2020-2021. So we have started to virtual teaching-learning mode as all educational institutions and are conducting Online classes through Microsoft Teams which is a safe portal and staying safe indoors with continued l Teaching-Learning Process.


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