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Nov 27th 2020

"HERITAGE OF INDIA"- Our Pride , Our honour

“ Maintaining one’s cultures , values and traditions is beyond the price” The times are changing but the Heritage of India remains unchanged and during these changed times of STUDY from HOME , our students are reminded to be proactive in Club Activities virtually. As part of Club activity ,we have not left the privilege of relishing Indian Heritage and provoked our students to express their memories of visiting the most popular places of Indian Heritage. India, one of the oldest civilisation in the world has always enticed the world with its rich culture and heritage. It has an all -embracing confluence of religion, tradition and customs. The highlights of its culture lies in the treasure of its art,architecture, classical dance, music ,flora and fauna and the innate secular philosophy of the people. Students of APWS were inspired to express their love for the country and its rich Heritage through the painting competition on 20th November and interclass quiz competition on 27th November 2020. Students exhibited their art talent as well as showcased their knowledge about “Heritage of India “during Club activities.


  • "HERITAGE OF INDIA"- Our Pride , Our honour

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