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July 09, 2021

Red Day

Students of APWS celebrated Red Day on 5th July 2021. The day was celebrated in order to make the children know about the basic primary color ‘RED’. Red Day started with a bright good morning song! and red color related songs, children and the teachers were dressed in red, the classes were decorated with red balloons, red color papers and glitters. Teachers spoke about color red and its importance.

Red day was even an interactive session for the children and they expressed that red is found in our environment, the places like vegetable market, toy shops, fruit market and even on the rainbow the color red is the first color. On this day our tiny tots had lot of fun games, activities, songs. Students of EY-1 did thumb painting using red color. It was mesmerizing to see the little champs exploring more about color red.

Red day Event was a wonderful learning event which helped the children to sort and clarify objects based on the color.

Red day was filled with brightness and happiness.


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