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Blue Day

Students of APWS celebrated Blue Day on 6th August 2021. The day was celebrated in order to make the children know about the basic primary colour ‘Blue’.

Blue - the colour of loyalty, strength, wisdom and trust has a very vital place in our lives. To increase the knowledge band of colours and their significance, we at APWS organized a virtual Blue Day celebration for our young learners. The importance of blue colour was delivered effectively with a series of activities to make learning fun for our tiny tots. All the students and teachers were dressed up in different shades of blue. The Virtual Classrooms were decorated with blue objects and blue colour was introduced through power-point presentation. Students had dressed up in blue attire and sung Rhymes, Blue Day was even an interactive session for the children and they named different blue object around them enthusiastically and spoke few sentences about it. The excitement level reached to the heights with Activity Session, where in hands on activity created an impact on our young learners, they made craft work by themselves during their Blue Day Celebration, Excitement and passion were seen everywhere as students participated with full keenness and were eager to learn more about the blue colour.


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