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September 20, 2021

Best out of Waste

Students of APWS had ‘Best out of waste’ which was conducted for EY 3 students on 20th September 2021. The objective of this event was to create love for environment by making best out of waste with help of recyclable things. They used their imagination and creativity to make innovative things. Children used paper bags, newspaper, coconut shells, old CD’s, plastic spoons and cups, plastic bottles, bottle lids, carton boxes etc. All these things which are waste in our day-to-day life, were used in constructive manner and variety of things were made from them. It was a great platform for children to enhance their creativity, they learned the process of recycle and learned how to spend quality time in making useful things at home.

The day began on a positive note and the children were excited to display their ‘Best out of waste’ creative craft and spoke few words on the same, and the children were happy to see different craft displayed by their friends. The class was filled with joy and happiness, they danced for their favorite song.

At the end of the session children’s face gleamed, it looked as if they have learnt something new and important, and the class ended on a happy note.


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