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October 04, 2021

“Show & Tell”

Early Year Wing of APWS organized Virtual “Show and Tell” Activity on 4th October, 2021 to strengthen the verbal skills and to foster public speaking competency of the young minds. The students from EY-1 to EY-3 participated in this activity which helped them to build their self-confidence and self-esteem.

The students were informed to show and tell on the topic-

EY-1 and EY-3 Shapes and Colors, whereas EY-2 children presented about phonics, which enabled them to improve deep understanding about shapes, colors and about phonics. They were excited to share their descriptive narration and waited eagerly for their turn to show and tell. Children came up with different objects and explained about the topic. Students involvement in such individual activity infuse in them originality, self-confidence & self-reliance. It was an interesting and a thrilling experience for the kids sharing their learning with peers. Thus, this activity helped our tiny tots to build their social, environmental and language skills.


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