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October 29, 2021

Halloween Day Celebration

APWS had organized Virtual Halloween Day Celebration on 29th October 2021. It was a spooky platform and all the children had dressed up as vampires, hulk-man, black cat, witches and had assembled for a virtual trick or treat. These little spooky creatures were hungry for candies, ghostly pizzas, monster wraps, chocolate mummies etc.

The Early Years, called for a heart – pounding “Halloween Celebration.” The event unnerved with a spooky story session. The tiny zombies were spying for spider webs, masks, haunted houses, jack-o-lanterns and many more. They screamed and yelled bingo when they saw witchy hats, black cats. Their devilish brains were tricked with riddles and were tested for impulsiveness. It was absolutely devilish to hear them howl the tongue twisters and dance to the horror-stricken tunes. Ghostly lollipops were the handpick activity which added the sparkle to the handy crafts. The entire event involved cognitive skills, family bonding, fun and excitement.


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