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Looking For The Best CBSE School In Bangalore? Choose APWS

20th May, 2021


In India, many education boards prevail in its thousands of schools. Due to its conducive interests and varied career options, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is one of the most preferred boards in India. Among other cities, Bangalore is home to some of the best CBSE schools in the country. Here is the list of the best CBSE schools in Bangalore.

  • Asia Pacific World School 
  • NPS Koramangala
  • HAL Public School
  • National Academy of Learning
  • JSS Public School
  • National Hill View Public School
  • The Oxford Senior Secondary School

Among the list of the best schools, one institution that stands out from others in Asia Pacific World School (APWS). 


The foundation stone for the Asia Pacific World School was laid down to nurture children through learning techniques that are filled in with elements of innovation and creation. To aid in the development of the children’s overall personality, giving them all the necessary facilities and tools to excel in an international environment.

Located in the serene residential area of Serenity Layout and close to Koramangala and the IT corridor of Sarjapur – Bellandur, AWPS facilitates students to learn the techniques that they can succeed in the international arena. With the fast-moving world, AWPS provides its students with ace-level infrastructure, so that they can be their best selves in the future. 

What Makes AWS Stand Out From Others?

A school that is embedded with interactive spaces that offer the best audio-visual environment creates some of the brilliant personalities for the global world. With its separate halls where students can conduct their meetings in peace, the learning platform at APWS exceeds expectations. 

These are some of the elements that make AWPS, one of the finest CBSE schools in Bangalore. Now, let’s look at each element of the school’s brilliant environment and amenities. 

School Infrastructure

A school that lacks the perfect infrastructure diminishes the level of its excellence. With a good infrastructure comes the passion for learning, the platform for innovation, and the motivation for achieving excellence. AWPS’ infrastructure provides its students with a world-class level of machines, rooms for learning, and much more. 

Reading Room

To build a habit of reading, AWPS facilitates its students to dwell on its collection of some of the amazing books. A room compatible for every student who wishes to explore the literary wizards, AWPS’ reading room is equipped with the ideal environment to read and learn. 


A school is not complete without its temple of knowledge – the library. In AWPS’ library, students can find books ranging from subjects related to World-Literature, English, History, Geography, Computers, and Technology, Science, and Art. Epics of the French, Hindi, and the Kannada languages provide students with an abundance of knowledge. 

Other than books and magazines, students can also access the world of information technology to conduct their research and make the most out of their learnings. 


Learning the theoretical angle is one thing and applying the same knowledge, in reality, is another. Students at APWS are equipped with profuse apparatus and accessories which they can access in the Science, Language, Social Studies, Math, Integrated Science, and Junior Science Lab. 

The labs aim to encourage students to explore their in-depth knowledge of every and anything. Other than that, students can hone their skills and carry out different and amazing experiments that can equip them doing wonders in the future world. 


No school is complete without a cafeteria that provides healthy meals. AWPS’ cafeteria comes with an air-conditioned basement that comprises three classrooms and accommodates around 100-150 students at a time. It provides healthy meals that nourish a student’s mind. 

Alongside the excellent food and hygiene, during the lunch hour, some supervisors keep a check on every students’ nourishment.

Multipurpose Hall

AWPS is equipped with a spacious hall that hosts various co-curricular activities, development seminars, orientations, etc. 

Co-Curricular Activities At AWPS

A school that focuses on the overall development of its students and engages them in fun activities creates perfect all-rounders. At AWPS, students can participate in activities like Show and Tell (literary event), Dance, Music, Art, etc. 

AWPS provides an ideal platform to students so that they can follow their hobbies and learn the most out of them. 

Innovation Centres

At AWPS, students not only showcase their excellence in the classroom but also explore the vast world of science and robotics in the Think Lab and Robotics. 

Think Lab

The modern and sophisticated lab provides students with hands-on experiences where they can explore their inner potential, conduct research and experiments with ease.


To move on with the world of today, students need to have hands-on experience with robotics and AWPS equips them with it.  By exploring the process of building a robot in the classroom to mold it in the way they like, students can investigate different learning methods and be the next Elon Musk. 

Admission Process At AWPS

Eligibility Criteria

The following is the eligibility criteria of AWPS, Bangalore:

  • Admission to the PreKG – KG2 will be taken care of by the admissions department
  • Your last 2 years of academic reports will decide admission to grade 1 to 5
  • A written aptitude test will decide the admission for Grade 6 and above 

Admission Procedure

For Primary Grades

Admission to primary grades would be decided by an interview by the grade teacher. 

For Secondary Grades

Admissions to the secondary grades will be subject to the availability of seats. For Grades 6 to  10, aptitude admission tests will be held which would include subjects like English, Maths, and Science. 

For grades 9 and 10, English and Maths are compulsory subjects and Science would vary according to a student’s choice. 

Process For Admission

Students who wish to apply at AWPS should submit their documents by email or by courier. Applicants must submit the following documents:

  • Registration form
  • Reports of academic accomplishments of at least last 2 years from the previous school 
  • 8 passport size photographs
  • Copy of age proof (Birth certificate or Passport)
  • Registration fees in cash/cheque/Demand Draft before the test



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