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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Online Classes During Covid-19

21st June, 2021


‘Online Classes’ became a popular concept in school when the pandemic struck the world. The very existence of online classes was reinstated in schools to avoid missing the essential months of school life.

Schools and universities had to enforce online classes during covid-19 due to strict lockdown. Every institute started using various online tools to keep the classes as effective as physical classes. 

While technology has been growing at a rapid rate for quite a few years now, the real importance was discovered when the whole ‘from home’ culture came into existence. The ‘study online’ part of school life was unexpected but slowly everybody did adapt to it. 

Like there are two sides to the same coin, online learning also has many advantages and disadvantages. While online classes did start as there was no other choice, their impact started creeping in gradually. 

Children had difficulty to focus but various techniques helped in solving that issue. Today the magnanimity of technology is recognised by all age groups and not just the tech or business industry. 

Learning is a lifelong process of attaining success. Taking online classes was always for additional classes and courses. Online classes were flexible and were often taken along with a primary source of education. It is now the ‘new normal’ in every phase of education. 

Let us understand the various reasons why online classes are trending today! 

Advantages of Online Classes During Covid-19:

Covid-19 has been the most deadly virus in centuries. It is spreading like a wildfire and the only way to stop it is social distancing. To abide by this rule, schools started online classes.  It may have been difficult in the beginning but eventually, everybody adapted to the concept. 

Let us tell you about some of the major advantages of conduction online classes during the pandemic:

Convenience at its peak! 

You cannot deny the fact that online classes are way more convenient than physical classes. You can dress the way you want, you can access the class from any part of the world and you can also record the class for future reference. Physical classes can become uncomfortable for many students but also we cannot deny the fact that they could be more impactful. 

It is safer in times of the pandemic, ensuring social distancing. Now that is a big relief! 

Record Now. Refer Later. 

The biggest advantage of having class online is that you can record all classes and refer to them later when you are studying. Physical classes do not allow that, you have to take notes and there is a high possibility of missing out on things. Online classes are the best way to record everything and each point said by the teacher, enabling students to go back to it whenever they want to. Each class becomes timeless with the help of the internet. 

Cost-Effective for Schools and Colleges. 

Online classes are cost-effective because it totally eliminates the cost of maintaining the physical location.  Institutes stopped investing money in maintaining large areas of their physical properties and started investing in online tools which were way less expensive. It reduces worries immediately as the huge amount of money is saved and can be invested in giving better education.

There will be no travel expenses for the students and teachers that some might not be able to afford. The cost of printing materials, paperback study materials and booking an instructor can be eliminated completely as everything is available online. 

Embrace Technology like a professional!

We know it was difficult for many teachers and students to adjust to technology. Eventually, everybody learnt and are now aware of the various things a laptop or a computer can do for you. The best part of online classes is you become Tech Savvy and there are ample things to learn. 

From attending classes through video calls to recording those videos to many more such interesting things were learnt by many for the first time. From accessing study material to giving a test online, so much was taught through the online education concept. 

It surely helped everyone grow their online skills but nothing is perfect. Online education came with a few difficulties as well.  Let us see the disadvantages that came in with Online Education. 

Disadvantages Of Online Education During Covid-19

The making of socially awkward people.

While the convenience and cost-effectiveness of online education are working in favour, zero social interaction can be a problem. Not physically connecting to classmates or teachers can leave the kid unaware of the advantages of physically attending class. The students are becoming more comfortable in their cocoon. 

This could eventually lead to social awkwardness and a lack of the ability to interact with people in a normal way. 

Budget concerns!

 The biggest disadvantage faced by the parents was the massive expense of buying laptops. Many not so well-to-do parents had to spend savings to buy laptops as it became mandatory for the students to be able to have classes with ease. 

It was definitely a hit on the budget!

Technical Issues At All Times.

Internet issues, laptops not working and no electricity are just a few problems to name. These are some of the problems that students and teachers often face and are helpless. There are no such solutions for it. 

A hotspot is not strong enough while installing a generator is expensive so students did miss classes automatically. 

Attention Span Keeps Fluctuating! 

You cannot deny the school students are capable of taking advantage of the whole situation and being less attentive during the class. 

Top Schools And Their Roles In This Digital Shift! 

Top schools in Bangalore are always a step ahead. They adapted to this new normal quite quickly. Some of the best CBSE schools in Bangalore are :

  • Asia Pacific World School 
  • NPS Koramangala
  • HAL Public School
  • National Academy of Learning
  • JSS Public School
  • National Hill View Public School
  • The Oxford Senior Secondary School

Ranked as the 10th best school by Times Of India, Asia Pacific World School in Bangalore. The vision behind starting APWS was to nurture the future leaders of the country. Their world-class standards in education help in transforming children into knowledgeable young minds. 

The vision is to inculcate creativity and innovation in their minds and give them an opportunity to develop overall and not just knowledge. APWS prepares students for life! 

APWS has steadily adapted to the new online education trend with finesse. They ensure the best quality in education and various ways to engage students for better results and experience. The teachers put in extra efforts to make every lesson interesting. 

Online Education is the future! 

The world is now aware of the fact that online education in school days is possible and everybody has now accepted it. As this pandemic gets over it is possible that schools will continue to conduct online classes as it gives the schools and students the convenience of keeping track of everything at all times. 

No paperwork and no maintenance is a time-saving and cost-effective way of hosting education. This is the new normal and schools like APWS are trying their best to incorporate the best teaching-learning practices

Help your child make the most out of online learning by choosing the perfect school that offers a little more holistic development. 



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