Early Childhood Years Programme

The Early Childhood Centre at Asia Pacific World School’s creates an environment which fosters the spirit of enquiry in children of ages 3 to 5.

The programme nurtures exploration and investigation with the help of a variety tools so that children can learn about themselves and the world they live in. Opportunities to inquire, learn, and play using reading, writing, art, construction, imaginative and investigative play are provided to students inside and outside the classroom.

Kindergarten is a vital time in the life of a child as it builds the foundation of their experience of learning and in turn influences their willingness to come to school regularly. The opportunity to build a life-long interest in learning is present here and we utilize it by teaching by playing games, songs, sports and role play.

We provide a warm atmosphere where children feel respected and secure and feel full of joy and laughter. Nature walks are conducted so that children have a chance to connect and learn from nature. Our play area is designed for maximum fun along with careful safety measures to prevent injuries.

Disciplining the body, mind, and spirit while maintaining peace and harmony with nature is also taught at this level.

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