Reading Room

To enhance the voracious reading skills of every prospective student, a special reading room is allocated by our school, in order for them to explore their inherent in a calm and serene atmosphere. A great number of interesting and inviting story books are there at their disposal to delve deep into their choice of reading various story books in accordance with their interest. It is mandatory for all Primary School students to make full use of it on a pre-set time table. Our ultimate aim is to initiate reading habit at a tender age so that it ensures them of a scintillating future endeavour.


Library being the hub of knowledge opens a world of wisdom for the students to promote a knowledge driven community for the future. It is a pro-active learning area where students and teachers have an access to a range of resources in an array of formats in order to cater to a variety of learning needs. A wide range of books on various subjects related to Literature, English, History, Geography, ICT, Science, Art, French, Hindi, Kannada, Mathematics and fiction are found in abundance. There are also academic magazines, periodicals and past question papers to keep the students informed about the latest developments around the world. In addition to several Encyclopedia and reference books are there. ICT suite is also available within the library to support students study and research.


Practical understanding, testing and experimenting pave way for a better understanding of the subject. To provide an experimental foundation for the theoretical concepts, it is quite pertinent that students have an opportunity to verify their ideas for themselves. At APWS, copious supply of ultra modern apparatus and equipment are available in Science labs, Language labs, Social Studies Lab, Math Lab, Integrated Science Lab and Junior Science Lab where students are encouraged to explore their hidden talents and interests and carry out different experiments and maximize their reasoning skills.


Well-being of our students, at APWS is of utmost importance. We provide pastoral care and nursing to students and staff to optimize the general health and welfare. An amicable and professionally qualified nurse is present on campus to attend to and manage all health issues that may arise during school hours. The school infirmary is equipped with beds and all the required equipment to facilitate and address the immediate health need. A comprehensive medical record of every student is also maintained by the school nurse.

Multipurpose Hall

The beautifully designed, spacious well-lit multipurpose hall can easily accommodate nearly 600 people at a time. It is used for various seminars, orientations, creative presentations, exhibitions and personality development programs. It is also the venue for curricular and co-curricular activities, morning assemblies, special assemblies, parent teacher meeting and competitions.


It is located in the air conditioned basement, comprising three classrooms to accommodate 100-150 students at a time. The school provides hot and fresh meals in consultation with expert nutritionists and the food is prepared by experienced chefs. The food comprises fresh salads, fruits, yogurt, vegetables, rice, chapatti and delicious dessert. It serves food from 11.30am to 1 pm. The cafeteria premises are regularly cleaned and maintained to the highest hygienic standards. During lunch hour, a team of teachers and house-keeping staff supervise the students. The menu is constantly revived and a regular feedback is taken into account so as to improvise table manners and etiquettes. Fitted with water filter, clean and pure water is available all around the campus.

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