Cambridge Secondary I Programme

The Middle Years are a challenging time of transition for learners as they move from childhood to adolescence. This is a crucial period of personal, social, physical and intellectual growth, of uncertainty and questioning.

The Middle Years Programme is designed for students aged 11 to 16, teachers extend the academic teaching by helping students develop critical thinking, solve ‘real-life’ problems, develop knowledge of local and global issues, communicate ideas, engage in public debate and express creativity through action. Through this process, students develop a certain independence and maturity, learn to manage time and multiple expectations and become aware and confident of their academic and personal development.

The Middle School curriculum is based on the school’s general academic aims of developing critical thinking and inculcating the attitudes and skills of successful life-long learners. The curriculum is aligned to the Cambridge International Primary Programme which precedes it and prepares students for the rigorous academic demands of IGCSE in grades 9 and 10. The Curriculum is designed to ensure that students have a smooth transition from Middle School to Senior School.

Cambridge Secondary 1 provides a seamless progression from Cambridge Primary to develop students’ skills and confidence in English, Mathematics and Science. It offers a curriculum framework for educational success for students, typically 11-14 years old, with an optional testing structure. Cambridge Secondary 1 incorporates internationally benchmarked tests.

Tests for Cambridge Checkpoint are standardised, set and marked, to provide an international benchmark of student achievement enabling teachers to advise students and parents of the suitability of different progression routes. Cambridge Secondary 1 has been developed to link seamlessly with Cambridge Primary and provides standardised tests to allow careful monitoring of progress from primary to lower secondary phases. It also provides excellent preparation for students embarking on Cambridge Secondary 2; both for Cambridge IGCSE and Cambridge O Level courses.

At the end of the programme, Cambridge Checkpoint assessments are available to provide detailed feedback on students’ strengths and weaknesses.

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